Rumor: New Batman & Guardians Of The Galaxy Games Being Revealed At The Video Game Awards

ThisGenGaming says "A new Batman game and a Telltale Guardians Of The Galaxy game are two of the biggest rumored reveals for tonight's Video Game Awards.

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PhoenixUp1346d ago

Wow it's a rumor and the headline makes it sound like a confirmation

Vegamyster1346d ago

They just showed off a trailer for GoTG from Telltale Games :p

Monster_Tard1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

No new Batman game though. =(

extermin8or1345d ago

Would suggest the batman game is still to be revealed then. Psx?

PhoenixUp1346d ago

Yeah but I'd rather have a confirmation from the source than some "credible" rumor

CorndogBurglar1346d ago

How so? It says RUMOR right before the actual headline starts.

PhoenixUp1345d ago

You obviously weren't here before rumor was edited into the headline

CorndogBurglar1345d ago

Yeah you're right. I didn't see it without the Rumor part added. My mistake, Brobraham Lincoln.

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Blu3_Berry1346d ago

I could maybe see Guardians of the Galaxy being shown off, but I'm not sure about a new Batman. If it's a full-fledged batman game like the arkham series, I feel enough time has not passed for another one. They should take a different direction if they do plan to. Maybe take place in the Batman Beyond universe or something.

CorndogBurglar1346d ago

As long as its much different from Arkham.

Different fight system and everything.

Also, don't focus so much on Joker. The Arkham series was more of a timeline of The Joker's criminal career than an actual Batman game. Asylum sbowed him at the prime of his career. City showed his decline and death. Origins showed his origin. Knight showed his legacy. Story wise it was a Joker series. Not Batman.

I just don't know what else there is to do. Arkham did a good job of giving the full Batman experience. Fighting, stealth, detective. Anything else feels doomed to fail.

Blu3_Berry1346d ago

That's actually a very good way of putting it when you think about it.

Master of Unlocking1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Batman Arkham Origins did a pretty poor job at introducing this villain (and the others) though. As a series, Arkham did a good job yes, but it did not give the full Batman experience: the Batmobile was only introduced in Arkham Knight for a start (even though that really kicked ass with all the different skins - love ya Tumbler! - along with the Batsuit skins), but we still couldn't drive it all the way to the Wayne manor, which wasn't even modellized, nor was the batcave, for crying out loud! We should've been able to do that all seamlessly, like in Batman Begins!
Oh, and let us not forget the Batwing was nowhere to be seen. Nor the Batpod, for movies buffs like me. And to finish with, it would've been much better if the game (and other games in the genre) let us explore the civilian aspect of the superhero, as in, play also B. Wayne. Here's hoping in Insomniac's forthcoming game Spiderman we'll get to be not just Spiderman but also P. Parker.
So while the Batman Arkham games have clearly revived Batman in videogames, just like the C. Nolan movies have revived Batman in Cinema, they still haven't offered us quite the definitive experience yet, no. Solid games, but not perfect.

CorndogBurglar1346d ago

Thanks man. Its how I always saw those games. Joker had all this characted development and went through all these changes and stages of his life. Meanwhile Batman was just Batman the whole time. Nothing special going on with him. Nothing crazy. Even at the end of Knight he just goes right back to being Batman lol.

They probably could have used any super hero and replaced Batman with them and it wouldn't have had much impact on the story.

CyrusLemont1345d ago

The rumour is that there are two games in development, a Suicide Squad game designed to be like Borderlands, which would be coming first. Following that, there is apparently a Damian Wayne Batman Beyond game where Bruce's son takes the mantle of the Bat instead of Terry Mcginnis.

OpieWinston1345d ago

It's the Damian Wayne game so it'll be Batman Beyond with Damian Wayne instead of Terry.
Older Bruce will still be a mentor.
Apparently the rumor is that the game will use the Nemesis system to create tons of criminals to face which IMO is PERFECT for a DC game.

Bare in mind it's WB Montreals game, and they probably aren't announcing it for a while since they started development on this game only recently. Most of their team has been working on Suicide Squad since early 2014 according to Geoff Johns confirmations.

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CyrusLemont1346d ago

Hnnng could always do with a new Batman.

lazyboyblue1345d ago

Sony always seem to get the Batman reveals so Id expect something at ps meeting if true.

Mr Marvel1345d ago

Love GotG, but I'm sssooooooo over Batman.

Leave him alone for 5 or so years so our boredom of him can subside at least a little bit.