Yakuza 6 Gameplay PS4 Pro 4K Shows Impressive Visuals

SEGA’s Yakuza 6 demo is available now for those in Japan or westerners with Japanese accounts on PS4. There’s a lot of story to wade through before the game starts proper but does show off some excellent visuals. Take a look at some gameplay in the city section of the game recorded on the PS4 Pro in 4K.

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sonerone2368d ago

Where did all the crowds disappear?

2368d ago
InMyOpinion2368d ago

Looks repetitive and the fighting and animations look outdated.

ONESHOTV22368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

then the game is not for you i can say the same thing about the uncharted series but i guess you wouldnt like to hear that right

jaycptza2368d ago

Uncharted animations are amazing. Ask anyone in the industry. PS maybe this game is a little dated

C-H-E-F2368d ago

woah, uncharted? woa chill you shooting with your eyes closed now buddy. Play uncharted 1 then jump to U4 you are bugging like the flies on my front bumper.

ONESHOTV22368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

C-H-E-F--- your analogy makes no sense and yes my eyes are always open

jaycptza--- yes the animations are nice but any dev with money can do that if i'm buying a game i will do so for it's game play and not some ingame cutscene and uncharted is just 80% cutscenes which i wouldnt call it a masterpiece more like a 60$ movie

P_Bomb2368d ago

The missions in this series aren't repetitive.

Last one had you hunting bears, investigating baseball corruption, ultimate fight clubbing, racing chickens, doing a singing/dancing competition, prison break snowmobiling, taking tourism photos, entering a snowball tourney, cooking in a kiosk, taxi cab drag racing and kungfu gauntlets. Nothing else on the market quite like it.

InMyOpinion2368d ago

That actually sounds amazing. Will check it out.

P_Bomb2368d ago

You just gotta be willing to look past the rough edges, and you will find them. It will not win graphics or animation awards. But if you can look past those things, the heat moves are quite fun to pull off (pulling out a baddies tooth with pliers etc) and they tell a pretty good yarn. It's not for everyone, but I've beat 3 of them and I always feel satisfied looking back. *shrugs*

ONESHOTV22368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

oh god it's getting the pro patch FING nice but the trade off is a bit shocking those it looks like it's locked at 30 and drops even lower and the crowded street is no more i guess i will use this mode after i finish the game

Deadpooled2368d ago

Is this the game which people were donating for on kickstarter?

ONESHOTV22368d ago

no wrong game this has been out since the PS2 days

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