German law may ban video games

Developing or even playing video games in Germany could lead to imprisonment if a bill before the parliament there is passed.

The bill under debate, in the wake of a public outcry in Germany about reported links between gaming and violence, would outlaw the depiction of violent acts committed against human characters. It would apply to any video title played or distributed on German soil. The legislation could effectively put a ban on most first-person shooter, action and real-time strategy titles.

The law would mean many Hollywood franchise titles distributed in Europe's largest vidgame market could be banned as well.

Popular movie franchise titles falling under the violent category, such as the "Star-Trek" series, "The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II;" and "Scarface: The World Is Yours," would likely be outlawed.

Already, Germany has some of the world's strictest laws limiting violence in vidgames. Under present statutes, for example, games cannot be distributed unless depictions of blood or bloodletting are switched off.

Ironically, Germany's gaming scene plays host to major video tournaments where "Counter-Strike," "Quake" or other titles are played in arenas attended by thousands of spectators. But the large screens at what is seen as a major spectator sport in Germany cannot depict bloodletting during "Counter-Strike" or other first-person shooter battles.

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achira5236d ago

oh, no! i am german, fack.

Dick Jones5235d ago

Thats better than last time were it only took about 20 years for those silly germans to start another war. They just can't stand the thought of actually thinking for themselves.

InMyOpinion5236d ago

I could almost guess you were. So is Juevani too right? That explains a lot...

FadeToBlack5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

The intelligence level of German leaders haven't changed much since Hitler after all. this has to be one of the most stupid ideas i've ever heard of.

Grown Folks Talk5236d ago

if there were no video games, there never would have been the mexican war of independence, the civil war, or most importantly...the great micro-sony war in which many lives continue to be lost daily.

TheMART5236d ago

Being Dutch I may say

Germany s*cks. They did last century and they still do.

Achira, you're German?! Ah well that explains a lot! hahaa You get what you deserve gnegne

Overhere in The Netherlands we get all the blood all the gore. Just so very close to Germany which get none. It's hilarious. I think the EU should permit companies to still import the version in Germany and overrule them

ironwolf5235d ago

You can giggle away now; but the EU is working to change the video game laws, and bring them more inline with Germany's. See the link below.

TheMART5235d ago

You need to read a little bit better. I knew this info already:

"The European Commission is set to introduce a list of common sanctions against retailers that sell violent video games to minors. Perhaps, what's good about this is that the Commission has decided to leave it to member states to identify which games will be considered "violent."

Not selling to minors is a good thing in my eyes. And the member states can still make up themselves which games are rated. Germany still doesn't get the blood and gore, while we do.

So I giggle and laugh on Ironwolf ;)

ironwolf5235d ago

once they get started, they never stop. A little bit of control is never enough. And one thing that should be noted historically, is that attacks on new media forms are ALWAYS easy targets for appeasing the masses and self aggrandizement.

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The story is too old to be commented.