Heroes of Handheld 161: Nintendo Switch ‘Webcast’, The Game Awards & Pokemon GO Update

How is Disney Jigsaw for iOS? Breath of the Wild is coming to the Game Awards! What is going on with Pokemon Go? No Man Sky developer cleared of misleading players.

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ziggurcat783d ago

"No Man Sky developer cleared of misleading players."

good. it was a silly lawsuit to begin with based on the premise that they didn't see exactly what was shown in the demos for its release even though it is widely known to be a procedurally generated game, and therefore impossible for anyone to experience the exact same thing.

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xDealtwithIt781d ago

Impossible to experience actual animals running through forests breaking trees, animals that actually look indigenous and not slapped together from different anatomy limb files, factions, portals, ships that handle differently, actually meeting another player. Yup, it will definitely be impossible because none of that was actually in the game.

Glad to see that the lawsuit didn't go through. Now it's a greenlight for all other devs to deceive and lie to gamers if they want.

Razrye2780d ago

Why don't you deal with it

Razzer781d ago

Change the image. There was no lawsuit!

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GamingIVfun781d ago


Whoever you are, you need help, that extreme narcissism a sign of a much deeper problem.

Your name is at the top and is the only one that truly matches your own statement.

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The story is too old to be commented.