Resident Evil 7 - Brand new beautiful screenshots released

Capcom has released a new set of screenshots for Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 7 is powered by the RE Engine and promises to deliver a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment.

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S2Killinit2377d ago

Im liking the direction they seem to be going in.

sdcard4gb2376d ago

Whoopie, good thing there will be other enemies but the family and they are clearly showing puzzles and stuff. Too bad it's First-Person, though, after all these years of constant First-Person horror games I am getting pretty irritated with this perspective... Please, the great god of variety, make these fools see the error of their ways.

DarkOcelet2376d ago

The problem is because most First Person horror games are just walking simulators with a few jumpscares here and there. RE7 gives you the chance to fight back so it will be a breath of fresh air among the other First Person horror titles.

sdcard4gb2376d ago

A breath of fresh air... Fighting people in First-Person instead of just walking in First-Person view...
To even think that this is supposed to be something new, eh ? XD
God, here I was 10 years ago, thinking to myself - surely gaming will be even more awesome 10 years down the road... And here we are, trying to summon excitement over simple ability to fight in First-Person game of Resident Evil, eh ?
God, how pathetic we became XD

overrated442376d ago

Yes, the first person perspective means that there is no variety....except in Resident Evil where they have never done a first person perspective ever (aside from lightgun games). But yes, there's no variety at all here. Nevermind all the positive buzz going around about the demo the press played and how they all said it FEELS like Resident Evil, the camera is different so we should completely ignore everything else.

sdcard4gb2376d ago

Yes, we should :) Good thing you are getting it. There must be a reason I am playing Zero right now just for the hell of it - just trying to get that fixed camera tank controls fix current gaming industry just refuses to give me even in the form of a numbered Resident Evil game that is coming out.
Good thing you are getting it, though, here, have this, a like ;)

Fearmonkey2376d ago

There hasnt been anything in first person that was as good as P.T, I am hoping this new RE game approaches that and looking forward to playing it in VR.

sdcard4gb2376d ago

It certainly won't approach it in the same psychologically-mystical way. Because it can't let itself do something like that, because it's Resident Evil (well, at least in it's own mind) and Resident Evil is more about physical, B-movie spooks. That's not to say it will be bad, I'm just pointing out that people seriously should not expect the same level of penetration.

overrated442376d ago

You know with your obvious distaste in everything in gaming you should probably just stop playing games. And I'm assuming you hate everything else in life as well so maybe you know you should do the obvious :D fella

sdcard4gb2376d ago

Ha-ha-ha-ha, a suicide joke, how hilarious, :D fella.

overrated442375d ago

Where's the joke? I'm just saying do it.

sdcard4gb2375d ago Show
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GrimDragon2376d ago

You people are coming down on the first person perspective but your forgetting that this is the optimal mode for VR. They are going for realism, true immersion, and tension that can only be had in VR. Honestly don't think anyone should play this without the VR. otherwise yes probably won't do much for you.

sdcard4gb2376d ago

Realism. Resident Evil. Yeah...
Also, VR. Hey there, third-world countries ! Screw you and your financial inability to afford such things by default, that is nothing of our caring, but we're still going to change a video game franchise's perspective to force this useless tech either way because some people are just too good for your screens and are unable to immerse themselves without a helm on their head anymore.