A four hour demo of Resident Evil 7 is one of the best things I’ve played this year

Games Radar: Horror games should make you feel scared. And Resident Evil 7 does ‘scared’ very well. I jumped a lot, flat out screamed a few times and, when playing in VR, flailed uselessly at the air under my chin as a mutilated, regenerating corpse lifted me up by the neck. That bit was horrible.

And it was all brilliant.

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kraenk122187d ago

Great to hear. I like Gamersradar.

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mezati992187d ago

this game looks amazing

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chris2352187d ago

sorry, after resident evil 5 and 6 i was done with this franchise. reading the reviews of 7 it reads like it is a new game with the resident evil moniker attached to it. it is not my fault that they are too scared to start an entirely new franchise. their approach i find more than questionable. other games are scary, too. so, i will keep my wallet firmly closed on this one. if you all don't mind, so be it, just don't be butthurt when the game got released, you shelled out the retail price, just to realize that you bought an abomination.

kraenk122187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Did you actually watch the video? If you did you'd have noticed how the guy states several times how much it feels like a RE game. It's the same universe, just a different perspective.
The game is looking amazing, better than any RE game since a decade or so but there will still be people who will find something to complain because of whatever reason.

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Pennywise1382187d ago

I also initially disliked 5 and 6 a lot the first time around but I'm currently playing thru the whole series again and am on 5 right now and have found a whole new appreciation for it. Playing them all close together instead of years apart has given me a new appreciation for the entire story as well. I like that it all starts out small and contained to a small mountain town and by RE5 it's gone full global bio terrorism. Now with 7 it's going back to what looks like a smaller contained story again. Every preview I have read says it's more like the original than any of the other sequels before it and to me that's great.

DigitalRaptor2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Looks and sounds awesome - the shakeup the series needed after the decline in 5 & 6.

When asked about how it looks in PSVR, the guy didn't really say it looked worse, but different. I'm expecting this be the game more than anything else to solidify PSVR in 2017. That's when I'll be putting my money down on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.