Blizzard: Xbox 360 game not an MMORPG

"No, we are not making Warcraft for Xbox 360" say WoW devs for 100th time...

Reports of World of Warcraft developer Blizzard making an MMORPG for Xbox 360 appear to be premature - according to PROPER ACTUAL FACTS released by Blizzard itself...

Yesterday's wrong-fest was based around a Vivendi presentation, where the WoW publisher and official rights-holder announced that all future Blizzard games would be massively multiplayer online games.

Given that Blizzard is known to be developing for next-gen consoles, this made everyone leap to the conclusion, again, that WoW is coming to Xbox 360. But Blizzard has now denied it's going MMO-mad; "We do not currently have any MMO development plans beyond the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft", said the massively multiplayer kings of the world, firmly, and for about the 100th time squashing the persistent rumour of an Xbox 360 WoW.

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TheXgamerLive5477d ago

It's time for some "NEW" blood to this line up as a MMORPG for the XBOX 360. Something more bad ass than WOW and larger to utilize XBOX Live fully. I know they have something in mind I just wish I knew what it was, patience sucks sometimes:)

TheXgamerLive5477d ago

NWN2 would of been good if it was solely designed for the XBOX 360 as a next gen. title but no more ports please no matter how popular the game was, as in the case of "FEAR". I'd just rather not have it. Give me "NEW"!!!!

OutLaw5477d ago

He sound it snotty when he answered. No, We are not making Warcraft for the xbox 360 Says WOW devs for the 100th time. Just to bother him I would ask. So are you making Warcraft for the 360.

USMChardcharger5477d ago

he and the rest of the crew there are probably just feed up with the whole deal.
they keep saying no and everyone else keeps saying, "yeah right, your lying. we know you are making it."
The only thing he is probably lying about is how many times he has said no. instead of 100th time, more like 200th time.
By now i would start getting mad too.
just my take outlaw.
to him, it is like dealing with ssj on a daily bases. and we would not wish that on anyone.

OutLaw5477d ago

You're probably right. It could be like dealing with SSJ04.

Krimson5477d ago

It's all a clever scheme to cover up the fact they're making WOW for the 360. Let everyone know!!!

PS360PCROCKS5477d ago

LOL...warcraft, eh anyways it's like the movie industry, no wonder Sony has just remakes of all their old games, they own the movie industry as well, lol all the "new" movies are just remakes of old ones, and so are their games, CRAZY!!

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