EA Plans to Build Battlefield in Competitive Platform in 2017; "Great Admiration" for CounterStrike

At the Credit Suisse 2016 Annual Technology Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Electronic Arts Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore talked about the publisher's plans to turn Battlefield into a competitive platform.

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STK026690d ago

I wish EA would go with Titanfall 2 instead. I understand that Battlefield is a much bigger franchise, and that BR1 has pretty mush destroyed Titanfall 2 in sales, but the shooting is much smoother and feels better in Titanfall than in BF1. There's also the fact that it'd be much easier to make a true competitive mode in T2 than in BF1.

C-H-E-F690d ago

why not do both, they both could benefit why just choose one it's not like they even have the same fanbase.

IxWoodstockxI690d ago

Competitive will never work on a Battlefield game. It's just too huge too many players.

Vegamyster690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Making a mode on a small portion of the map like TDM or Domination with limited players wouldn't be that hard.

annoyedgamer690d ago

Looks like EA wants to destroy Battlefield as well. It was about time they already ruined everything else they got their hands on. Remember Medal of Honor? Me neither.

psuedo690d ago

I forgot MOH was EA wasnt it?

KnobSlobSnob690d ago

and its unique, unlike most shooters, but tbh they didn't add all that much

Muzikguy690d ago

Sounds like it's time to say goodbye to Battlefield. Funny they talk about admiration of another game. DON'T DO THAT!! You need to stay true to yourself and stop being like everyone else! Of course EA doesn't care though.

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