Nielson weekly sales - Blu Ray: DVD ratio stands at 12% : 88%

It seems Blu Ray has gained steam from the release of Transformers. Blu-Ray media captured 12% of the market share of discs for the week ending 7th September, 2008.The weekly Blu-Ray sales went up by 16% compared to a 37% fall of DVD discs

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zimbo0075750d ago

Blu ray will never take off???

Blu ray will capture over 25% of market shares when Dark Knight is launched

shadow_hearts5750d ago



Pain5750d ago (Edited 5750d ago )

get this threw your head's Xbots and Blu-ray hatters.

Blu-ray will go down in Price after X-mass because by then all them Movie studios will have made all the $$$$$$ they LOST supporting that DEAD format that there milking Blu-ray for there cash back.

After they make there cash Back BLU-ray will EXPLODE and u fools will just look like the FOOLS u are.

go watch your DVDs and cry.

AngryXbot5750d ago

Look at how quickly the tables have turned, idibots!

Hahaha suck on that please.

cahill5750d ago

i agree with zimbo007 it will have around 30% share when Dark Knight is launched
I havent seen anyone purchasing a DVD player with an HD TV

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cahill5750d ago

Blu RAy will be becoming the DEFACTO standard in a year of 2.
I expect Blu Ray to become the standard by 2009 in europe and Japan

If the US economy resurges then it will become the standard by 2009 too

Genesis55750d ago (Edited 5750d ago )

Yeah sure sounds like a format on deaths door eh! (Canadian sarcasm)

Wait till Christmas when more people get HD TV's it will probably double.

mikeslemonade5750d ago

Cheaper Blu-ray Player $400? Cheapest DVD player $10? Once blu-ray drops in price it's only going to get bigger.

Monchichi0255750d ago

These numbers reflect 1 week in which TRANSFORMERS was released! Transformers is like the wholly grail of HD movies for the majority of people who own BD players. (PS3 owners - males between 15 - 35.

In two weeks or so, numbers will be back to normal.

ukilnme5750d ago

@ mikeslemonade

It does not happen often, but I agree with you on this.

felidae5750d ago (Edited 5750d ago )

lol@TheMART having 1235 points xbox gamerscore ;-)

a "real" gamer ... lolol

edit: i knew he's just a MS tool

Megatron085750d ago

oh ya a whole 12% and ps3 fanboys actually think that means dvds are dead. I and beyond amazed at how stupid the fanboys on this site really are

barom5750d ago

oh I wouldn't expect the EU to get into blu-ray that quick. I was in Norway in the summer and blu-ray wasn't big. I think the prices were twice the price of DVD or close to. Not to mention that the selection was small. They had half a shelf at electronic stores (Spaceworld, Expert) and GameStop.

Their biggest chain Elkjop had a bit larger selection but nothing compared to over here in the US.

eagle215750d ago

Best format ever since Sony and Phillips made the "CD"..... :P

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cahill5750d ago

Blu Ray sales UP 16%
DVD sales down 37%

DVD will be dead by this year or next in NA for sure

TheExodus5750d ago

DVD sales are down 37 percent? Please take another look at the chart.

cahill5750d ago

Blu ray UP 16%
DVD down 37%

DVD is dying a quick death. isnt it?

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JOLLY15750d ago

nasim is actually replying to himself now. There is something very wrong with this kid.

JOLLY15750d ago

tanod and cahill are both nasim. So he is in fact talking to himself.

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