Blu-ray will be dead by 2012. Here's why...

Blu-ray won the format war, but it's doomed to the same fate as its former arch-rival.

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sonarus5486d ago

lol it seems like everyone wants blu ray to die meanwhile blu ray is still on the rise. It keeps giving movie industry growth and all the supporters are getting rich from it.

In 2012 there mayb be a new format that denounces blu ray but i think blu ray will still hold its own for a while after that. I like to keep my movies i don't like to rent them. I have over 30 blu ray movies at 50GB each thats 1.5TB and i am still collecting movies. Until i can get a hardrive like that for real cheap am sticking to blu ray

Jamie Foxx5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

but the better tec blu-ray wont?

article is an epic fail

mikeslemonade5486d ago

Sounds like a bitter HD-DVD owner wrote this article.

Dark General5486d ago

That with their time machine they would use it for something more worthy like stopping hitler or something. But no they go to the year 2012 to see that's when Blu-Ray becomes obsolete... Wait a minute they don't have a time machine.

Sergeant Osiris5486d ago

I see the author of this article went FULL RETARD and it will cost him just like it cost my costar Tug Speedman in the epic flop simple jack.

el_bandito5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

I think by 2012 it is still seemingly impossible to download a full HD movie or game in a matter of hours. If there will be, I bet I couldn't afford such a package from an ISP.

Above all, I maybe one of the last people in the world who'd still prefer physical copies of games/movies with all those fancy sleeves and cases, over copies stored in my hard drive. Much more, I couldn't see how showing off the latter (as a personal collection) to someone would be better than the former.

StephanieBBB5486d ago

And by 2012 Sony and other companys will have brought in an fortune on the blueray so then didn't it serve it's purpose? I don't understand the meaning of articles like this, are they trying to get people worried that blueray will stop selling or are they just stating the obvious?

season0075486d ago

There are definitely MUCH BETTER reasonings we can imagine at the moment than those listed...

DeadlyFire5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

There will be at least 3 disc formats competing in the next format war. Blu-Ray, SVOD, and HVD. All with discs from 100 GB to at least 1 TB. Unlimited capabilities with these big discs.

There is a new Blu-Ray format coming soon with up to 1 TB discs and compatible with Blu-Ray discs as well.

madmike5486d ago

but i love blu-ray and buy lots of films i think that it wont die but they need to bring the price down for there if you own a hd tv or are buying one you got to have a blu-ray player as the picture will blow you away

Real Gambler5486d ago

What's even better? Tech Radar UK also has an article about which is the best tv to pick, and number one is: Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX6090 for "only" £4200 ($7500 U.S).

So on one side, you should buy a $7500 HDTV, but then you have a stupid moron telling you that a $29 dvd player is the only thing you need to watch movie on it!

And as usual, no matter how stupid a story is, it always get posted on N4G as the news of the century!

theKiller5486d ago

blue ray will be in its glory and will continue plus 5 years after that!!

Genesis55486d ago

These are the days we should be saving these articles. So in 5 years you can show it to the author and say what were you thinking?

Unless my cable company drops it's prices(yeah right) I won't being doing DD in my near future.

DVD is good enough? Not for the games of the future.

Megatron085486d ago

blu ray is already dead think about it there is about 1 blu ray disc sold for every 5 blu ray player that have been sold.

HighDefinition5486d ago

Alot of people think EARTH will be too.

Just sayin........

prunchess5485d ago

The author just hasn't got over purchasing the HD add-on for his 360, still spitting bullets over HD DVDs death!

robep35485d ago

Hi megatron08

Your statement is so STUPID i bet you were one of the accountants


theEnemy5485d ago

"* Where am I? > * News > * News by technology > * Video >* HD DVD"


What kind of site is that ?

They have a section for a DEAD format but they don't have one for Blu-Ray ?

I guess they bought lots of HD-DVD players and movies and they are still crying due to the loss of HD-DVD.

Pathetic losers..

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Raoh5486d ago

LOL techradar has been on a roll with the blu ray and ps3 hate...

took me a week to find the transformers blu ray release due to it being sold out online and in retail stores.. LOL

this holiday also brings Iron Man and (gasp) Batman: Dark Knight on blu ray

LOL with the push for HDTV's for the feb. 09 HD Broadcast....... and ps3 being pushed as the best blu ray player...

lets not forget other classics being hits this year (clockwork orange and nightmare before christmas on blu ray)

techradar falls further and further below the radar when it comes to credibility..

Skizelli5486d ago

You're right. It has nothing to do with HD.

fufotrufo5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

Everything on that list is lame..and takes time...only good point in that list is the samsung claim ...and i really don't get why they said that

zoydwheeler5486d ago

Why lame?

Rob Mead (the writer of this article) seems to have made pretty valid arguments for each of the five reasons he puts forward. Rob also used to edit T3 a while back, so does know what he is talking about... I think he's made a very strong case here predicting the end of Blu-ray by 2012.

As an aside - it seems the reason people here immediately claim any argument to be 'lame' has more to do with their own fanboy allegiance, rather than actually reading a submitted news piece or article and basing their argument on solid fact, considered reasoning or correctly-sourced argument and opinion from any relevant authorities.

INehalemEXI5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

None of those reasons where convincing. Blu Ray will be around past 2012. I expect there will be a larger capacity BD on the market by then too.

As a consumer of the BD's I expect at that time BD's will be cheaper. BD Burners will be affordable too. I got plans to purchase all kinds of BD games and eventually movies though I usually at this time just get dvd since they are so cheap.

RememberThe3575486d ago

Those weren't valid arguments, they were bias arguments. Everything he said was relative. Blu-Ray is here, It's doing well, and it's being supported. It's is not relative.
Now, I can under stand if you resent the big BR for beating out the format you decided to back, but it is what it is, get over it. BR is the future and it has loads of potential, get used to it. It's here it stay.