Steep: How Will It Measure Up To SSX?

"If you’re a fan of a good snowboarding game, then no doubt you will be intrigued by Ubisoft’s new release Steep which is out next month. This is the first snow sports game to be released by the developers, so you’ll want to know what to expect. Previously, game developers EA were churning out snowboard titles in a typical fun arcade style with the popular title SSX. So how will Steep measure up to the well-loved play style of SSX?"

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Forn843d ago

It won't measure up. There's almost nothing that I want more than a new SSX that mixes the best of every game in the series. SSX is a legendary franchise to me that I continuously go back to and play still to this day.

Fishy Fingers843d ago

Sounds like you've already made your mind up. Having not played it yet your fondness for SSX might cloud your judgement so while it may not be everything you want (although it's unlikely a new SSX would either) it's the only choice you've (we've) got so here's hoping it delivers.

rdgneoz3843d ago

Having tried the betas, all it's made me want to do is pop in SSX3 or Tricky. Played the hell out of those games with a friend of mine, and this game isn't even close in the fun department.

ObviousGoldfish843d ago

Absolutely not. Terrible x 5.

kraenk12843d ago

It's very different to SSX and great fun with friends.

843d ago
Chaos_Order843d ago

SSX Tricky and SSX3 weren't just great sports games. They were defining experiences of the PS2 era and two of the greatest games of all time. Hardcore or casual, sports fan or not, SSX is just plain fun for everyone. Impeccable level design, fantastic soundtracks, addictive gameplay, vibrant visuals, replayability...

Steep's chances of eclipsing that are extremely slim.

kraenk12843d ago

It's not fair to compare those games's a very different concept and style of game.

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