Confirmed: The new 80 gig PS3s have 65nm RSX chips

There were internet rumours weeks ago which suggested that the new ps3 models might be having the 65nm RSX chips. Well edepot now confirms that the newer models are indeed carrying the shrunk RSX chips

zimbo0075759d ago

Now SONY is making profit off every ps3 sold

ruibing5759d ago

I hope so but it's hard to say since there are many cost (e.e.g marketing, tech support, warranty) embedded with the sale of each PS3. At the very least, this will help improve the life and cost incurred by the PS3. The PS3 is all about the software this year, so I think the main profit will come from its big exclusive titles.

TheXgamerLive5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

in fact there's a chance per sony that that won't happen for a few more years.

they've lost some 1 billion plus dollars on the ps3 and design cost of the cell so no, there not profiting yet, lol.

Kyur4ThePain5759d ago

Maybe I don't understand...how does a table on some website confirm this?

Jamie Foxx5759d ago (Edited 5759d ago )

with backwards compatibilty and card readers for any other model

LinuxGuru5759d ago

Well that brings us one step closer to a slim PS3!


Jamie Foxx5759d ago (Edited 5759d ago )

aslong as the slim keeps the vacuum cd drive its all good,people forget about that feature but it reaks of quality,lets you know your piece of kit is quality and was built NOT to look out of place next to your hd tv

bubbles linux totally forgot about the slim

LinuxGuru5759d ago

Yeah, A slot drive is easier to put in a smaller device.

That's what apple uses in their Mac Mini, and even what the Wii uses.

So a slim PS3 should hopefully retain the slot-loading mechanism.

barom5759d ago

w00t! this means production costs has gone down and we might be able to expect another price cut.

RememberThe3575759d ago

Price cut? PS3? HAHAHAHahaaahhaaa Thats classic!

RememberThe3575759d ago

Sorry, my sense of humor has been shot for this fanboy war...

gaffyh5759d ago

Awesome that means less RRoD...oh wait...

Lol j/k

mfwahwah5758d ago


Just means Sony will expect more profit :o

whoelse5758d ago

It also says the 40GB has a 65...

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joeynox5759d ago

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no

zo6_lover275759d ago

65nm chips are cheaper to produce than 90nm chips, and they were breaking even when they had the 90nm, so they are more than likely making a profit now.

TheColbertinator5759d ago

If this is true,we might see a price cut in the future

mfwahwah5758d ago

Sony needs to make a profit, so I'm not expecting one any time soon.

lsujester5758d ago

Not as long as they are still selling. When they start consistently losing to MS again, then we'll see the price cut.