Giant No Man's Sky Update is a Game Changer

After months of radio silence following the epically disastrous launch of their now infamous game No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games has revealed that they have been hard at work on a robust PS4 patch, called the Foundation Update, that adds new features, new modes and addresses hundreds of issues to improve the game’s overall experience. This patch fundamentally changes the "foundation" of the game, but is it enough to change peoples perceptions?

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Killz4Twinkies2250d ago

The recent update sounds appealing and i have been thinking of picking this up. My questions is, can you see other people in real time or is that still a no go?

For example: would i be able to visit other peoples created stations on planets? I feel like this would be a cool feature and make the worlds seem much more lively than initial impressions led me to believe

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Irishguy952250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

While I don't care for the base building(i'm the type whole will build outposts in Minecraft and simply explore/upgrade instead of collectingn materials just to build a big structure) the survival mode is fun. 20 quid is what the game shoulda been originally. This is coming from..see previous posts.

What I might do is, wait a year. Hopefully a big update or two come in. Try it then.

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Irishguy952250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Thats right, the release of this sickened me, not literally but it was just a highlight of the fact that devs are completely unaccountable.

But yeah, the survival was quite fun, its hard. It makes you think about moving, how fast you should move. For example, on my first planet, I have to hide in caves due to temperature on surface. I have to keep looking for thamium for life support. Its a bit more like minecraft when you really badly need a material. Except in this case if you don't get that material you die. I died 3 times before reaching my ship. Twice for being an idiot and leaving the caves. Also theres a clear graphics upgrade, i'm on PC. Looks way better. This is what I was looking forward to originally with regards to planets, I don't care to much about what mix of animals are here or how they look, I care mechanics being implemented well.

But yeah, ima wait for a while, I don't want to spoil something that could be great in a year or two. Now it all depends on whether HG will keep at it or not, and make this game what it was supposed to be.

I will forever be pissed for that release however, the only way to forgive, is if they work and work, and don't charge extra for something that was stated to be in the release, even with the underhanded practice. More than that I really dislike how alot of gamers don't mind and actually defend the release of this game. I'm also pissed that I spent 60 on a game like that. I will forever be extremely cautious of day one games as I have now learned my ****ing lesson. **** I might never be a day 1 guy again. For consoles I have already stopped day 1's and early into gens.

As I said, its worth 20, but if you go play it now, a few updates later you may have already had half the fun and not appreciate it as a whole. Its like...playing half a game with missing content. If that makes sense.

Angeljuice2250d ago

You were saying Hello Games should die off and disband because of the initial release performance.

Surely what they are doing has to be better for the game industry?

Driveclub went on to be one of the best games this generation despite its shakey start, and now Hello Games seem to be on the right track with NMS.

So if you had your way, Hello Games would have broken up and Sean Murray would have spent the last several months doing nothing but responding to complaints and angry gamers. Instead they have spent that time fixing a lot of issues and making the game much better.

I think Hello Games's solution to the problem is vastly superior to the solution you proposed.

Lucky you didn't get what you wanted.

Irishguy952250d ago

I didn't say that angeljuice. You're making stuff up as usual

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Army_of_Darkness2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I fell asleep during this trailer... Her voice is so relaxing..

showtimefolks2250d ago

i think by fall 2017 NMS will be one of the better games on next gen under $15

i know a lot of people were disappointed but i hope more gamers will give it another chance

it shouldn't have been launched anything but early preview and build on the game via updates

UltraNova2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

No Mans Sky: The Complete(d) Edition Fall 2017?


I m sure they'll make proper amends. Hell the game is already at 20 bucks...

himdeel2250d ago

Im enjoying the update. Im curious about whether or not people can see your base also. Id presume you can since it allows you to leave a message for others.

frostypants2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Doubt it. I'd wager that all custom base assets are stored client-side. For now, anyway. After this update, nothing would surprise me in their future plans.

Skankinruby2250d ago

And here come the 'too little too late' comments.....

Retroman2250d ago

Its too late' haaaaaa Couldn't pass that up.

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