Has Ubisoft killed off Watch Dogs 2?

Scott from PixelGamer writes "Has Watch Dogs 2 been a flop from Ubisoft Sales would suggest this but is Watch Dogs 2 a victim of Ubisoft mismanagement?"

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Hoffmann2791d ago

Its just that tje first one was overhyped and they used a giant marketing budget for it while it was not that great. There are more than enough other good and more interesting looking games on the market.

DarthZoolu2790d ago

Ubisoft has been selling broken games for so long and people didn't go for it this time. Gamers buy from companies they have faith in overall.

ziggurcat2790d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

This one isn't broken, though...


Broken = unplayable. Fixing rare crashes or minor graphics issues != broken.


Yeah, I get that, which is why I said *this one* wasn't broken.

Muzikguy2790d ago

Unless they get stuck on something like COD, which finally looks to be tapering off a little

LamerTamer2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )


It is broken. If it needs a patch, it is broken. Yes almost all games are broken these days but that doesn't make it right. Woe to those who don't have internet or don't have a fast connection.

Chug2790d ago

I personally think Ubisoft is a joke of a company. All the bullshit trailers they've showed off as opposed to the final product they release put me off from them probably permanently.

The last straw was The Division Beta. What a blatantly bad, tasteless game that was.

Sorry if I offended anyone that likes their stuff, this is just my opinion.

yeahokwhatever2790d ago

"broken game" is used to describe games in many ways. WD2 is "broken" in the game design choices made. You can literally have gangs and cops play the entire game for you from very early in the game. I completed the game and there were basically only a handful of times where the answer wasn't simply 1. summon cops or gangs. 2. Walk calmly to the end goal with 0 resistance then hold square. The driving is "broken" because the physics are terrible, inconsistent, sloppy, and awful. You can crash into an intersection while driving a sports car. I'm not talking about other cars in the intersection. No, I'm talking about just running into the intersection itself. The road. Driving is half the game. It's broken. The story is "broken" because instead of there being a story, there is a hard-leftist narrative (which I guess is fitting for the bay area) where you play as a self-righteous terrorist and kill hundreds of people and do billions in property damage to serve your own form of justice tor a CEO for cheating in elections. There are many good things about the game, but part of the game was literally unplayable for launch(seamless MP), and there are a ton of blaring weaknesses with the quality of the game throughout. Wait for a steep sale or redbox it if you've "got to at least try it". WD1 was a lot of fun and just a better experience, though the world and graphics in WD2 are much better.

CrimzonRazor2790d ago

@ziggurcat but it was broken at release the seamless multiplayer was broke, I dont pre order any ubi games anymore. I wait to see what is broken now before buying their games you have to with them

Inzo2790d ago


I dont think that is the point that Darth is making. WD2s failure is a result of the previous broken games Ubisoft released.

morganfell2789d ago

"...kill hundreds of people and do billions in property damage to serve your own form of justice"

Its called God of War. And a hundred other games plenty of people like me enjoy. Look at the collateral damage that ensues in numerous games. Actions taken with no thought to the public. I claimed to be freeing people in Just Cause games but I killed a lot of civilians.

I was highly critical of WD2 when it was announced. But the game actually has a great deal to do, plenty of side missions, some hilarious moments, it doesn't take itself too serious, solid mechanics (great motorcycle handling for once) and they addressed many of the issues from the original.

It isn't leftist to want mega corporations and governments to stop using your personal data and observing your every move. In fact that is actually a more right wing point of view that feels the less oversight, the less government (a Jeffersonian point of view), the more privacy and a less globalist approach is better. Obama increased domestic spying far more than any President and he is liberal. And a globalist. So the entire game is a mixed bag as regards politics. The game doesn't preach either side other than the pro privacy issue. It presents many people as being totally out of touch with reality...which is in fact they way many people happen to live their lives. I can show you plenty of videos on youtube of people on the street signing petitions for things like repealing the Bill of Rights because they are average citizens that have no clue what the Bill of Rights actually is. Ridiculous I know but these are the people that cast elections and decide the fate of countries.

That said Ubisoft is the worst manager of IPs in history. Ghost Recon was ruined the moment it and Redstorm was purchased. The same for Rainbow Six. Splinter Cell has been all over the map with Blacklist being a step forward and a step back at the same time. Monumental errors have been made in that production. There are numerous other titles that Ubisoft has squandered.

The damage done to WD2 by its predecessor is far reaching. And the poorly handled announcement of WD2 that skewed the game as a hipster title added to the speed at which the title plowed into the runway. It is a shame since much of the game is quite good. Something people discover when they stop reading forums and start playing.

S2Killinit2789d ago

Im sensing a character assassination of Ubisoft, whats up with that?

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kevnb2790d ago

They want to sell as many copies of every game as they can, overhyped is a stupid term. Regardless, watchdogs 2 is a sequel to a game people didn't think was all that great.

freshslicepizza2790d ago

so sony, nintendo and microsoft dont overhype their games? and just because the first one wasn't so hot doesn't mean this will be just average. look at how well a few assassins creed games were better than the first one. people continue to ride the ubisoft hatebandwagon and its becoming comical when they do make good games as well.

Muzikguy2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Stupid term because you don't understand how hype works? Overhype is exactly what happened with the original Watch Dogs.


The Ubisoft hate is justified. I'm not buying any of their games for the rest of this gen. Started with Watch Dogs. Then the Crew. Then how they butchered Rainbow 6. The Division wasnt great either. The beta had me excited at first but no. It's like their fascination with "always online" has clouded their creative vision. All those games should've been way better than what we got IMO. Should I care or be worried I'll miss a gem or 2 by not buying Ubisoft games? No way! There are far better games out there to play IMO.

zerocarnage2789d ago

I liked 1st game, it was aa very good first try at open world other than creed games.

Goldby2787d ago


Ya Division and upcoming Wildlands shouldn't have had/have the Tom Clancy Name attached to it, could have been their opwn ips off the bet.

on top of that, 'Ubisofts new finiancal plan is about turning everything into Services instead fo Products so expect IOnline only for alot of their upcoming games. i just hope they learn to keep the new AC offline always.

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TimelessDbz2790d ago

I can assure that statement you just made while it's a opinion but this game is a blast to play. So much better then the first one. Like playing saints row 3 but better

yeahokwhatever2790d ago

WD1 was actually a pretty damn good game when it launched. One of Ubi's best offerings in a while. It got far too much hate. WD2 is a mess and I hate that I bought it.

kraenk122789d ago

The game objectively is better in almost every regard.

yeahokwhatever2789d ago

Instead of using words like "objectively" to try to make your opinion sound more important, you could give examples of why, in your opinion, a given feature is better. You also would have to define what "better" actually means for each case as well, since "better" itself is neither objective nor subjective. In a couple of other comments I've expressed why I believe WD1 is the "better" offering. WD2 has a lot of flaws that are hard to overlook once the initial "wow" factor wears down from the impressive world they built, both graphically and interactively. For me, the first play session of WD2 felt incredible and a huge improvement from WD1. By halfway, WD1 was the better game and WD2 was showing its ugly side. Thats my opinion.

Kokyu2789d ago

I played this for about 20hrs. It just isnt different enough from say GTAV now. I honestly dont see any reason to keep making sequals for this franchise.

2789d ago
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-Foxtrot2791d ago

Was their own fault for making it into some hipster shit and changing the more serious tone from the first game.

Lennoxb632790d ago

I'm more concerned about the fact that people are passing up on games because of what the character's are wearing. Not the quality of the game. It's not like they're cross dressing or anything so I don't see the problem.

Angerfist2790d ago

I think its not about what the Character is wearing, but the Environment of San Francisco probably being created too realistic. They probably release a Safe Space DLC too. From what ive seen the Game looks gorgeous, has better Gameplay. I think i get it once its cheaper as i just got so many Games on Black Friday

Muzikguy2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

People buy into what they relate to and or can associate themselves with. It's not that hard to understand why that is. Same with how the "new" DmC went. The tone and mood of a game are extremely important and to change that would definitely change a person's view on a game they might otherwise buy

zb1ftw7772790d ago

Single player games are story driven and character driven.

It is very important to get these two things correct.

Hipster millenial might not bother you, but it bothers me.

How would you like to play this exact same game but with a purple unicorn who has 10 legs and 20 eyes and his friends are little vikings with 7 arms?

It would be stupid wouldnt it.

Thats how i feel playing a hipster millenial with his friends. I feel its stupid.

vickers5002790d ago

Yep, same reason I haven't even looked at a review for it, despite enjoying the first.

Has little to do with what they're wearing and everything with their attitude and tone. Deslin from infamous second son LOOKED like a total hipster before the game came out, but acted like a totally normal guy excited about having powers. I enjoyed that game despite the hipster clothing.

I cringed every time emote mask asshole showed up in the gameplay videos,or when the protagonist sits cross legged during gun fights to bring out his laptop with a drone, or when he says whatever stupid line he says when he puts in ear buds and is about to steal/hack/murder an entire buildings worth of people.

Doesn't take it seriously, just has this "doing it for the lulz" vibe like it's just some game to him. Erases any sense of tension or realism. And they try to disguise it as if it's somehow "cool" or "funny", when it's really just a pathetic attempt at grown ups doing their best young person impression.