Sony Sold 2 Million PS4 Consoles This Week According to Ubisoft Events Specialist

Sunny Sanghera, Ubisoft Events Specialist & Team Leader in the UK, shared some interesting information on Twitter concerning PS4 sales.


Admin note: as this is not an official Sony comment, I've changed this to rumor.

Admin update: Looks like the tweet was removed, but just happen to be able to take a screenshot of the tweet before it was wiped from Twitter.

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Relientk772007d ago

PS4 sold extremely well this past weekend and on Black Friday, no doubt about it

RAM0N 2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I am one of the 2 million buyers

indysurfn2006d ago

I bought a PS4 Pro on day one (pre paid). And it was moving lots of consoles according to gamestop employee. You mean to tell me a couple weeks later it is picking up THAT much steam? DANG!

darthv722007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

As am I... (sort of). I knew if I waited, the right deal would come along.

Forn2007d ago

Just got a PS4 Pro from Amazon for $339, and am selling my day-one PS4 to someone from work.

darthv722007d ago

That's how I got mine Forn. A guy i know went and got the Pro and told me he didnt need his original release unit so he made me a hell of a deal. Just the unit with controller and cables for $100.

So while technically I didnt not contribute to the 2 million... he did and payed it forward to me.

TheColbertinator2006d ago

100 bones for a PS4? Such a fair price.

ShowanW2007d ago

i am a PS4Pro owner ...
if im not too lazy, im gonna get my fat behind to best buy so they can price match the $339 Amazon price...

2007d ago
ShowanW2006d ago


thanks for the tip...

FITgamer2006d ago

They won't do it. They aren't price matching Amazon until after Cyber Monday is over.

PaleMoonDeath2007d ago

I know a bunch of people personally that held off until Black Friday, bought at least two games along with it for either Christmas gifts or for themselves, good stuff.

DeadSilence2007d ago

Does not include Sunday those numbers and Sunday on Europe is one of the biggest retailing days, so probably closing on 3 million.

Yohshida2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Sunday on Europe is one of the biggest retailing days? Hell, retail stores aren't even open on sundays, nice try tho .

Nyxus2007d ago

It depends on what part of Europe you're talking about, many stores are in fact open on Sunday.

MasterCornholio2007d ago

Depends on the country in Europe. For example in the Province of Madrid in Spain retail stores in shopping centers and major commercial areas are allowed to open on Sundays.

kraenk122007d ago

A month before Christmas Germany has open Sundays as well.

xTim_Kutta2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Maybe It's time for you to learn a bit more about EU before spouting BS.

Angeljuice2007d ago

Many stores are open in the UK on Sunday's (some have shorter hours.

There are plenty of 24/7 larger stores too (such as Tesco).

spanner2007d ago

UK stores are open on a Sunday.
I live here,I should know

Yohshida2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

at all the people saying it depends where what part im talking about..... no sht, this is exactly the problem im talking about. Calling Sunday a big Retail day in Europe is completely false.

Since im from germany, you are wrong kraenk. Not all shops in every region are open. It depends what shops are doing that on what sunday.

kraenk122007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )


I don't know where you live but bigger as well as smaller cities in D do have verkaufsoffene Sonntage before Christmas. I never stated that it's everywhere but it sure is a fact that especially the bigger cities in Europe do have open shops on Sundays, especially during the Advent season.

thejigisup2006d ago

In Soviet Russia Sunday's even open you

Notellin2006d ago

Wait you mean all of Europe isn't the same???? Could have fooled VideoGameLab!

Phill-Spencer2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Man didn't know that there are a few germans like me on this site.

Most sundays of the year german stores are closed, but open sundays are something like an event where everybody seems to grab their friends or family to go on a shopping spree.

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extermin8or2006d ago

Well in the uk it's a pretty busy day but in say france everything i shut.

OB1Biker2006d ago

It's been years since I went shopping in France on Sundays but I know they started doing big Sunday shopping quite a few years ago and probably even more now.