Ubisoft Needs To Focus On The Next Assassin's Creed Game- Not Remasters

Check out why ScreenCritics Louise thinks Ubisoft needs to go big with its next entry in the ever popular Assassin's Creed series.

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mike32UK2372d ago

Do these media outlets do any research whatsoever? UBISOFT outsourced the remaster to a studio called Virtuos, so you can guarantee that their studios most certainly ARE concentrating on the new installments instead of remasters. I am by no means a huge UBISOFT fan they have terrible business practises... But come on guys, this is your job. Do some RESEARCH

andrewsquall2372d ago

Was gonna mention that but you beat me to it. :)

Aenea2372d ago

Hahaha, every year when they did a new AC game people complained and said they should take more time for the next instalment and now they skipped a year and hired another studio to do a remaster and we get this?

Game journalists are hilarious these days. I so, so miss the times of magazines. Well, maybe not so much the physical magazine itself but I would like quality content, heck I would be willing to pay for such a website with weekly updates, not hourly. But since most people will say "there are plenty of free ones around I'm not gonna pay" it won't happen...

andrewsquall2372d ago

Also get ready for the uproar from the "AC needs to change" people when the new one next year changes everything gameplay wise (maybe if it does). My point, they will be complaining if it plays the same as previous games or is completely different.

XXanderXX2372d ago

That's great , even awesome but before they do that i wouldn't mind a AC Rogue remaster or port to Xbox One .

crazychris41242372d ago

Egypt game is coming next year, we needed a break. Watch the movie if you want something new from the franchise

The7Reaper2372d ago

Um pretty sure they are seeing as how they outsourced it to another studio, 1 Google search is all requires learn how to do the easy damn task idiots.

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