Final Fantasy XV Could Be The Greatest Video Game Launch Of All Time

Captain Camper of Gamers Heroes writes:

We're just days away from what could be the greatest video game launch of all time: Final Fantasy XV. Captain Camper of Gamers Heroes discusses the potential for FFXV to revolutionize the gaming industry

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PaleMoonDeath2261d ago



mikeslemonade2261d ago

nope that's GTAV and GTAVI will be even bigger.

indyman77772260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

First of all congrats on a article for showing effort in their researching. This is no 'one paragraph' click bait.

While it may not be the biggest game, Obviously if your able to play a rpg through in 40 hours (as square admitted) it is not the largest, or even big enough to be called medium size, medium would be 80 hours just to make the cut. But still it's longer than most FPS.

But, I would agree with it being the largest action jrpg adversiment budget. And the most important action rpg push, since Dragon Quest the worlds tree woe, and the blight below (which is good and should have had more money behind it).

in fact if Square copies that action rpg's fighting fell, and cut down on the long constant swarmed feeling you get
it could go from being three bad demos to one awesome game! (it's possible because it is the same company square bought Enix years ago).

But I'm still going to wait on the reviews. Square is giving this game lot's of marketing dollars. It will at least sell good at the start.

bouzebbal2260d ago

I doubt it will be biggest of all time but it will definitely be a big release, one of the best in years.
I cannot wait I didn't buy a ff day one since ff12

Hoffmann2261d ago

It will be Duke Nukem Forever all over again lol.

Kurdishcurse2261d ago

cute and dilusional comment.

X-Alchemist2261d ago

hmm there is a chance this game could flop, after waiting a decade I sure hope it doesn't but if it does it'll probably be one of the biggest disappointments in gaming next to NMS

Ricegum2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Next to NMS? So you're telling me you have never been disappointed with anything before? Duke Nukem? Rise:Son of Rome? Assassins Creed Unity? Recore? What about Resident Evil 6?!

There has been a lot of disappointment but you guys always point to NMS as if it's the only one lol. Trust me, there has been a lot worse 😂

CaptainCamper2261d ago

Is it even possible to deliver after people have been waiting a decade? :D

ShadowKnight2261d ago

Same way I feel about Kingdom Hearts 3 but I know they'll deliver

CrimsonPheonix2261d ago

What are you expecting other than a good video game?
As long as you don't go into it with unrealistic expectations. This game is not going to cure all illness, extend the human llfespan, or make you filthy rich. There will be those who are new to Final Fantasy who likely won't "get it"
and dismiss it for not being a garbage ADHD call of duty find something to shoot type of game, but for those of us whom are into discovering a world I'm sure an enjoyable experience will be had.

Ravenor2261d ago

That high horse, it's so high.

dead_pixels2261d ago

I'm hoping so, but that supposed 20-30 hour story has me on the fence.

CaptainCamper2261d ago

I'm sure I recall them saying it was a 40-50 hour main story. Was hoping for an 80 hour marathon with all the side content :(

lucied132261d ago

you are about correct the whole thing is around 80 (took me 78) and the story is about 20 hours with no skipping.

Irishguy952261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Heard about that, i'm not to bothered though, as that is kinda like...skipping some stuff you shouldn't skip. Like... Royal arms...Dungeons(from people who already have it..say these are awesome)...And the side content in general. Seems like some good side content.

Its short AF for an FF main story for sure though. I've heard great things about it though, but also negative in terms of stuff that probably should be there but isn't. While the story has it tightly bound to make! It should be there.

indyman77772260d ago

A lot of times in final fantasy games you get 30 hours from a battle area, where you just practice fight and gain items. other times it is a arcade game. Or a secret dungeon to get a special summon (thats the one you should not skip). Or a side story (and for me that is the second thing you should not skip).

pasta_spice2261d ago

I'm not too worried about the length. I beat FF7 the first time in just over 30 hours and I didn't rush through it. Quality over quantity.

indyman77772260d ago

I hate people that lie try to impress with the. I beat a game that takes 40 hours to beat with a God mode unable to die code, they some how beat it in 29 hours. At least you said 30 hours.

Irishguy952260d ago

DOn't be redicukus indyman, my personal favorite of mine is mass effect 1, doing everything, in less than 10 hours, Mass effect 2 wasn't much longer either...maybe shorter even possibly 7 or 8 hours, that was before Mass effect 3 came out so I rushed throguh them ensuring I had everything perfect/all characters alive, I was shocked how quick. FF7 was 40 hours with doing a decent amount of side content. Mostly I would finish in 35-38 hours doing multiple side quests or hidden areas, such as ultimate weapon, omnislash, Yuffie sidequest, condor mountain etc. 30 definitely is feasible. If you take 40 hours without side content thats your fault.

PhoenixUp2261d ago

I got KO'd waiting an entire decade for this game. Somebody toss me a Phoenix Down

Gaming_Cousin2261d ago

I summon Phoenix. Rain down your healing powers master