Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - New Gameplay

Hellblade is focused on Senua's point of view, as she embarks on a very personal journey through a hellish underworld made up of Senua's psychotic manifestations of her own reality and mind.

ArchangelMike2742d ago

When does this game release, it seems to have been in development for ages.

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IamTylerDurden12741d ago

So many great under the radar games coming to PS4. Hellblade, Wild, Boundless, Let It Die, Edith Finch, Hob, The Forest. These are high quality exclusives that deserve more attention. Most of them have great teams behind them as well.

Hardiman2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Every game you listed has been on my radar for some time and you are so right that they need more attention. Any word on when The Forest is hitting?

DigitalRaptor2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

WiLD looks amazing, and from Michel Ancel, you need say no more. :)

I'm just worried about when it's coming out, because he's pulled in another direction by Beyond Good & Evil 2. I don't know which one to anticipate more, but great to know both are in development.

Goldby2741d ago

It was originally just HellBlade and they pretty much revamped everything i believe last year when they changed it to Senua's Sacrifice, including new combat and realtime motion capture

nveenio2741d ago

Yeah, they had mentioned getting to a point where they realized the game just wasn't fun and needed to reimagine some major components. I wish them all the best with this one, but it's going to need some serious polish to stand out against Tomb Raider and Horizon as a game with a female lead.

DigitalRaptor2740d ago

I think it will be late 2017.

It seems that way because they announced it as an open-development independent AAA project. It doesn't fit into the "announced too early" category, cause they wanted to let people's opinions and feedback shape the game, and also experiment a little bit. I'm liking what I've seen so far, personally.

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Mr-Dude2742d ago

Beautiful visuals, but give me release!

Kyosuke_Sanada2742d ago

Very excited. It's pretty amazing seeing what they accomplished with what little they had in the video diaries.

bouzebbal2741d ago

Hopefully a release date at PSX. Looks decent

TheOptimist2741d ago

Now this is a true cinematic experience

kraenk122741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Quit your stealth trolling. If you had ever played a game by Ninja Theory you'd know they excel at gameplay too.

Edit: sorry, I assumed you were being sarcastic. Which mainly happened because your known to be a PC gamer who constantly flames agains Sony.

TheOptimist2741d ago

Seriously the gamers over here are dumb. I love Ninja Theory, loved their DMC (Which was pretty cinematic in some situations) and Enslaved Odessey to the West. Why in hell's name do you think I would be trolling if it is my most anticipated game apart from Star Citizen and P.A.M.E.L.A. ??
You really need to grow up.
Also I called it cinematic, because this is going to be one of those few games that don't sacrifice gameplay for graphics.

kraenk122741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )


I'm sorry man..I thought you'd be one of those guys who critisize PlayStation franchises for being cinematic. You know...this might have happened because you're known to be a PC gamer who constantly shoots against Sony or PlayStation...

Of course this time you weren't..because the game will be on PC too.

TheOptimist2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I criticize games, not for being cinematic, but having boring gameplay. If they have interesting gameplay, I can overlook all the linearity and cinematic experience. I couldn't care less about the hyped up cinematic games that do not have great gameplay.

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