Why the original Tomb Raider series deserves a HD remake

Mrs Nesbitt from NerdHub writes: "Quite recently, YouTube user Nicobass has been showing off development of Tomb Raider II recreated in the Unreal Engine 4, and this Tomb Raider fan couldn't help but grin with glee when watching the videos. The original Tomb Raider games have not aged well in comparison to other titles from the '90's. In fact, it could be suggested that the original Tomb Raider games would be practically unplayable for new players looking to play the originals."

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Maple221757d ago

It surprises me that this hasn't been done already, but on the other hand they probably don't see the point what with the new reboot games.

Hoffmann1757d ago

Well TR1 got an excellent remake already with Tomb Raider Anniversary.

TR 2-5 would also need more than just HD remasters, Playstation era 3d games look more than outdated usually no matter if the resolution was bumped and the textures are a bit better.

MrsNesbitt1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I am not a developer/technically versed, so I don't understand what is needed entirely, but I'm positive it could be done! :)

-Foxtrot1757d ago

To be honest if they did do it and did it well they'd probably be shocked to see people liking it more then the reboot

Least then we'd have a proper Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider Anniversary was alright but they made it like Legends. I'd want to see a face lift and updated controls.

Hoffmann1757d ago

"The original Tomb Raider games have not aged well in comparison to other titles from the '90's"

Hah. Gameplay wise they are more than okay..maybe a bit too difficult for the teenagers of today that are used to easy games like the reboot.

MrsNesbitt1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Yeah, for us we're ok but a newer generation may struggle. I think graphics wise they don't look as pristine as others :P either way I still love them and would love to seem them on current consoles. Like what's happening with the Resident Evil games. One can hope :)

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AnubisG1757d ago

They would cry and throw themselves on the floor because they would actually have to measure and time jumps and solve puzzles without the game holding their hands. It would be amusing to watch them play it. I expect nothing more from a generation who does not know how to power on a NES or insert a cartage into it (yes, this is actually true and is on youtube.)

Imalwaysright1757d ago

What exactly was difficult about the original TR games? I was a kid and I remember finishing them with 30 small medipacks and 20 or so big medipacks.

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Becuzisaid1757d ago

The original Tomb Raider did get a remake.

MrsNesbitt1757d ago

The first one yes, that's mentioned in my article. I am talking about the whole series, if it's possible.

AnubisG1757d ago

Yes it did and they cut a ton of the locations that the original had. While it was a great game in it's own right I was disappointed with the Anniversary (the remake of the original TR). Plus, the QTE boss fights were very annoying. So if you ask me, I'd gladly see a reboot just like they did with Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. Now THAT is how you remake a classic.

MrsNesbitt1757d ago

Abe's was amazing. I also enjoy the Resident Evil remakes.

AnubisG1757d ago

Yes, almost forgot the RE remakes. Now those are another great examples of how well they can revive PS1 classics.

SynestheticRoar1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

For that culo alone.

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