I've had PSVR for six weeks and, yep, it's gathering dust [because games are expensive]

Remember all those warnings that PSVR would be another Move or PS Vita? I'm getting ever more concerned that it's becoming a reality already - and it's due to overpriced games.

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-Foxtrot2797d ago

Do you want Dust-ants...because that's how you get Dust-ants

kitsune4512796d ago

Writer spent $400 on PS VR but finds the games expensive. Sure.

freshslicepizza2797d ago

but psvr doesn't have room scale, how are you supposed to get up and dust it?

Kingthrash3602797d ago

Lol...it's funny how you know so much about playstation stuff, but when it comes to xbox stuff you are so misinformed.

FriedGoat2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

PSVR does have roomscale, just not as large. Perhaps you should research something before you try and talk it down.

saimcheeda2797d ago

I never get the bragging about 'gathering dust'. In my opinion it only shows the person is a moron who wasted his money!

S2Killinit2797d ago

He is trying to say that whatever is collecting dust is bad.

Also this guy apparently had the article approved and then changed the title to this clickbait c**p. Oh well. Personally more excited for VR than Ive been in a LONG time for anything gaming related.

MagicBeanz2797d ago

Not to mention a filthy pig who doesn't dust.

thorstein2796d ago

My snowboard collects dust until winter. My snowblower collects dust until winter. My bathing suit collects dust until summer.

This guy (the journalist) sounds like a moron.

simplyagamer11152796d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I hear ya there. And now that so many others seem to agree with this sentiment now when it's ps/vr, let's see if that same sentiment & the rush to agree rings true when someone iis knocking the other consoles & such out there in similar fashion.

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Kipster2797d ago

As exciting as VR is in theory, it needs the software to back it up. I've yet to see an essential game for the platform, and even though it's early days, it desperately needs something like this to succeed. It needs its own 'Wii Sports' to move from something that's fun for an hour to a system that you can't wait to show off and get stuck into.

andrewsquall2797d ago

You just described what PSVR is. RIGS it way more fun than you would have ever had with Wii Sports and the system was designed with showing off with the spectators being able to see on screen.

Clown_Syndr0me2797d ago

Wii Sports was crap. But I still had more fun playing it with family than I would wearing a helmet on my own.

kraenk122797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )


You do realise that the biggest fun in VR comes from playing with friends or family?! It brings people back together!

You said you would...I assume you haven't tried it yet.

RedDevils2796d ago

@kraenk12 it's the opposite, you play on your own lol

nitus102796d ago


Some games whether conventional or VR are single player and guess what "You play on your own".

With the PSVR you can get games that you can play with friends who can see and take control what is being displayed on the TV while someone uses the VR headset which you can sort of liken to split screen gaming.

Of course, there is online gaming as well which includes VR and that type of gaming could be considered single player since only one person per computer (ie. PC or console) is in control.

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hamzilla2797d ago

Ummm RIGS... Or how about Robinson The Journey? Or even the infinite warfare mission? Or in a week we get to pilot a tie fighter or X-wing?

Ravenor2797d ago

Yeah got a chuckle out of RIGS being the 'Wii Sports', the power of a Wii Sports like title for new hardware is it shows the capabilities of the hardware and was able to be picked up and played intuitively by almost anyone.

Other than maybe Headmaster I'm not seeing it on PSVR so far.

christian hour2797d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Comparing VR to something like WII sports isn't the best approach. WII Sports encompassed bringing the family together and being so simple and accessible even your gran could join in and kick your ass.

VR to me seems like a solitary experience. At least it will be for a few decades while prices are high. If they ever come down to the price of a standard controller, then maybe multiplayer with physical people will become more common place, but for now it's just little ol me and immersion with the occassional rando online with games like RIGGS etc. But for me personally, I'm there for the solo experience :)

Looks like they fixed the headline XD

FriedGoat2796d ago

Yeah you are wrong. Bringing your VR round to your family's house and watching everyone try out the games and seeing what they are doing on the social screen is VERY social, more fun than Wii Sports.

There are also multiple games that include multiplayer using the social screen, does anyone do any research anymore before talking crap?

kraenk122797d ago

There are plenty of great games and experiences already. RIGS, Battlezone, Here They Lie, Holoball, Eagle Flight, Driveclub VR just to name a few...each and everyone of those is better than anything that ever was on Wii.

Ravenor2797d ago

Galaxy 1&2, Xenoblade, Kirby's epic yarn, paper Mario, NSMBWii.

With the exception of Headmaster or Eagle flight, those are all superior Wii titles. Not to say what you listed is BAD, but flat out better than anything on the Wii? Don't be silly.

maybelovehate2797d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

And I do think a large part of why the software is underwhelming is also because the hardware implementations just aren't very good at this stage. VR as a platform has a long ways to go. I have tried to code some experiences but I just keep finding that the tools aren't there to create a fully immersive experience. We need full body suit tracking "out of band tracking as well" and we need a way to tackle the small play area. Right now, it seems no matter what we do there are so many obstacles that take you out of the experience.

@WickedLester: Do you wear clothes?

WickedLester2797d ago

"We need full body suit tracking..."

Just like VR itself, that will never be a mass market success. Things like full body tracking and omni-directional treadmills for movement aren't going to be items that people will want in their homes. We couldn't even get people to accept wearing 3D glasses which is why the 3D television industry has tanked.

S2Killinit2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Well, there is. Currently over 50 games.

I would say the first really must have game hasnt arrived yet, and its called FarPoint (w Aim)

Really loving some of the existing games though.