Third Party Titles Will Be Crucial To Nintendo Switch

Why third party support is crucial for Nintendo Switch to be successful, even if Nintendo would prefer it to be otherwise.

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PhoenixUp2375d ago

When isn't third party generally crucial for a platform's success

bouzebbal2375d ago

They are crucial even for people like me who are only interested in 1st party titles.

NextGenCeo2375d ago

It's not gone be like PS4 or Xbox One third party support. It will be more like Wii third party support. Not main games but always someting diffrent.
Because third party developers not try to downgrade their games to fit Handheld devices. But they can try more comfortable and more unique ways for Handheld console games.

(ESL guy here so sorry for English)

deafdani2375d ago

Yeah, what you're saying is most likely to happen, if the Switch happens to be severely underpowered compared to Xbox One / PS4.

Although I admit that's what I believe to be the case, who knows... come January, Nintendo could surprise us by announcing that the Switch is, in fact, on par with current gen consoles, allowing it to get AAA third party support.

We'll just have to wait and see. Less than 2 months to go now.

wonderfulmonkeyman2374d ago

So Skyrim with mods, just like the PS4 version, isn't a main game?
Yeah, ok.
Also, don't bother bringing up its age; its popularity transcends that, so that argument is old and dead, unlike the game itself.

Phil322375d ago

Why wouldn't Nintendo want third parties to be successful on its own platform? Seems rather naive to think differently. More third party games = more licensing = more money for Nintendo.

_-EDMIX-_2375d ago

It also means more competition.

There's been a long-running theory that Nintendo has been purposely sabotaging their architecture and the design of their systems to favor their Developers.

I'm just saying it's not out over the realm of possibility that they've been doing this to maximise their sales of their own titles.

Phil322375d ago

"Long-running conspiracy theory."

There you go. It makes no sense and is again, rather naive to think that.

SolidDuck2375d ago

If that was true then why make hardware at all? Just be a solftware company. The wii u games would of sold better on sony and ms platforms based on install base alone. So that cant be true.

_-EDMIX-_2375d ago

@phil- it actually makes perfect sense by them controlling the hardware if they always remain a generation behind , they essentially alienate developers from bringing games from the current generation over to their Hardware, thus lessening competition and having Nintendo as the sole publisher that actually creating quality titles.

Third parties are relying on current up-to-date of Hardware that is accessible on multiple platforms to create their content.

If Nintendo is always a generation behind it actually means third parties are unable to bring their current-generation titles over to their platforms without significant decreases in quality and removal of features.

@solid- because solely becoming a software company means that they would be competing directly against all software being released on all platforms which clearly is something they do not want, they want an install base that is mainly purchasing their properties by default.

That can happen on Nintendo Hardware if they specifically designed the hardware to favor their developers games.

What I'm saying with this theory is that Nintendo wants to sell the most games on their platform by specifically having their Hardware dated to not have third parties bring over content that is equivalent on other platforms.

The theory is specifically just based on Nintendo creating their Hardware to be a lesser purposely.

So when you're saying "if that was true why make hardware?" you actually have to factor that the theory is just based on if they only had to make Hardware but also wanted to sell the best software in comparison.

The theory is simply stating that Nintendo wants to have an install base that is for the most part purchasing their games above all.

That actually can't happen on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or PC simply based on competition ie ratio of attach rate. That would be competing against most developers in gaming.

On their own platforms , they're sort of not.

Just a theory though, that isn't to say that it's true , simply a theory.

It would explain why they've been always creating Hardware that is lesser the competition.

deafdani2375d ago

Even if that theory is true (which I doubt), the fact remains that precisely because of lack of support of third parties, Nintendo's home consoles have been on the decline in sales each generation, Wii excepted, as I know you're well aware.

So, Nintendo can see massive gains on each generation due to sales of their own software thanks to lack of competition as you said, but in the long-long-long term, they're only hurting themselves by losing more and more market share each gen.

So, they need to have a plan in place for things to change with Switch. Either have it be powerful enough to get base versions of multiplatform games (not very likely if they want to keep it competitively priced), or have a massive support for it in terms of their own software (by having ALL of their developers making games only for Switch and nothing else), and getting the usual third party support that Nintendo's handheld consoles always got (Professor Layton, Monster Hunter, etc).

I think it's the latter case, although it would definitely be an awesome thing if Switch ended up being capable enough to also handle Xbox One - levels of games. We'll only know for sure come January.

_-EDMIX-_2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

@deaf- good read.

Of course long-term such a thing wouldn't help them out as they're losing market share, but then they could have been doing it simply for the immediate gains. This theory is just suggesting something that they might have been doing, it doesn't ultimately mean that they succeeded or failed or anything like that.

So this is just a theory I don't believe anybody can ignore that Nintendo for several Generations has basically been ignoring with third parties have been requesting and it's going from a simple mistake to clear negligence at this point.

It's no longer that they messed up it's very clear that it's delivered when there are several platforms that are continuously making the same mistakes (which no longer could simply be called mistakes).

I understand that they have architecture issues with the GameCube but with the wii? Okay they was still getting their feet wet but what's with the Wii U? And we're still left questioning the ease of development of the switch or even the power so it still remains to be seen exactly why they're continuing to make the same so-called mistakes over and over again.

After several generations of dealing with this it's very clear it's not just something that's happening on accident but it's deliberate.

As to why they're doing it remains to be seen but it could no longer be ignored that it's happening purposely.

The theory still stands that they're doing this to avoid competition and create an atmosphere in which they're the top publisher in the installed base by not creating compatible Hardware for developers to port games successfully.

I completely understand that that theory could be wrong or they could have failed etc, but I don't really think it should be up to debate in regards to whether or not they've been purposely sabotaging their own Hardware in regards to architecture.

At some point people need to question exactly why is this company making the same mistake several times over?

It's either they're not that smart and Sony and Microsoft are just Masters and Nintendo has a huge incompetence issue or they've been deliberately doing this for a very specific reason in regards to manipulating the market.

I agree with you in regards to the price though but they could still actually have Hardware that is architecturally sound and easily compatible without having it at a high price.

pcz2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

nintendo also always make proprietary storage mediums for their games (ie carts, mini discs etc) so the devs have to pay them to manufacture their games.

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Gemmol2375d ago

I hate these articles, there are better things to talk about. It is like the author cannot use common sense, I have not read the article, but I assume they are comparing Wii U a home a handheld Nintendo Switch which could turn into a home console with a DOCK. The keyword it only turn into a home console with a DOCK, so it is a handheld first. In all of Nintendo history, Nintendo never had a 3rd party problem on their handheld, and now all these articles out of nowhere think for some reason Nintendo new HANDHELD the SWITCH will lose all 3rd party support that the 3ds, DS, GBC, GBA, and etc had over the years.......come on use your common sense.......for those who do not want the DOCK there is a rumor Nintendo will sell the Handheld by itself.........I want the dock, but just letting everyone know in the mean back to what I was saying.......the 3ds just reach 100 million software sold, only DS and PS2 did that in Japan, the place where HANDHELD are king........and these articles have the nerve to keep talking about 3rd party..........even if the system did not sell well in Europe and America......this new Handheld will get every game from 3ds and much more in better graphics........Nintendo do not have to worry about making games for 2 systems any more, for example if they made 7 3ds games and 4 Wii U games, that is 11 games they make for 1 year..........all 11 games now will come out in 1 year for 1 system the Nintendo Switch.........not only will this handheld have games it will have a whole lot of games.........there were rumors SQUARE want to bring a port of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy 7 remake a while back around the Dragon Quest 11 rumors.........Dragon Quest 11 was confirm then deny because it was too early, then confirm again.........people will say why bring those games to Nintendo question to Square Enix blind by all the sales the 3ds gave them.....look at dragon quest sales on the 3ds in Japan, I am not even talking about America......just Japan sales.......they even made a new final fantasy ip beside BRavely Defualt for the 3ds.......cant wait to see that game in HD on Nintendo Switch with part 3.....all I know games will not stop coming if you look at media Crate results every can deny all what you feel or want.........but as a handheld.......The Switch is getting every game in Japan every port, everything, people love that handheld money.....ask Capcom how well monster hunter sell on 3ds......and how well street fighter 4 sold on the 3ds.....and resident evil revelations before everyone beg for a port..........seeing those things on the 3ds was just a glimpse of what they will do with Nintendo Switch they wont be hold back by 3ds weak power no more.....................sooo pleaseeeee stop posting these articles because it use no common sense.............even Grand theft was on Nintendo handheld

_-EDMIX-_2375d ago

Yes and yes.

I believe that Nintendo is going to maintain their support with their Japanese Partners in regards to specific series that they've had over the years on handheld.

Hoffmann2375d ago

Oh look..the Nintendo Defense Force at its best.

gamerb62375d ago Show
wonderfulmonkeyman2374d ago

That's the best criticism you can come up with?
Even when there are so many other things to criticise about that post?
You're really starting to sound like you're salty towards Nintendo's fans, and possibly the company too.

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