PlayStation VR set to eclipse Rift and Vive sales in the UK

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR tech are on track to outsell the combined sales of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, according to data tracker GfK’s October consumer panel survey.

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Krangs_Uncle2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I guess we will see over time, but at this point it seems that HTC, Oculus (arguably somewhat different markets - PC), and Microsoft (although not VR at this point, still PS competition), just can't compete with Sony on a global scale. Too many resources with regards to software AND hardware mean it is an uphill struggle for them all.

uptownsoul2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Wow...PSVR "on track to outsell the combined sales of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift". And all I kept hear from the haters was "PSVR is a FLOP". Well I don't see how the market leading product (which is set to outpace the combined sales of the other major home VR solutions) a flop

jholden32492262d ago

I own a PSVR, and love it.

But just outselling two other failed devices and being "market leader" isn't enough.

It's like being the tallest midget in the room. Congratulations you outsold 2 devices hovering at 200k each. That means PS VR is finally crossing half a million.

Congrats? I can see all the publishers will be lining up for miles and miles to make games for a platform with half 1 million players

arkard2262d ago

@jholden 500k in just the UK.

S2Killinit2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

VR in general is great. Its definitely a conversation starter too. In fact, Ive had a much more "social" experience playing VR games than I do playing regular games.

xtheblackparade2262d ago

It is time we will have to recognize and then accept that opinions on the internet are easily faked. This is the marketing campaign of the 21st century, hiring teams of people who go online and poke around internet forums being vocal about their hired opinion, get paid. That's what I would do if I were PR. So of course you will hear people shout so loud against facts that the consumers will almost believe it.

feraldrgn2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

VR is a pretty niche product at the moment, but this is still a good thing for the technology going forward, even if sales are fairly low ("being the tallest midget in the room" as jholden put it) Sony are giving the tech chance to evolve.

CrazedFiend2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


Wouldn't it be better to say PSVR is the fastest growing baby in the room than the tallest midget? I mean midgets being fully grown while VR is still in its infancy and all.

Just sayin'

kraenk122262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


The thing is sold out everywhere...what do you want?! There are new releases every week.


It's bring friends to your house, even older people and casuals are fascinated by it. It's proper excitement..feels a bit like when the PS1 came out back then.

_-EDMIX-_2262d ago

This is probably one of the easiest predictions thus far.

They have the higher install base, they have the cheaper entry level, they have a working product and they are worldwide brand recognized name.

I'm still not sure why people were seriously trying to debate this years prior.

The requirements for Oculus Rift are absolutely ridiculous for it to ever take catch on mainstream.

Ulf2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The Rift and Vive total about 500-600K sales, according to Steam. Oculus probably has a bit more than Steam likes to claim, given their partnership with HTC, and the fact that many Rift owners may never register their device with Steam.

If the PSVR is leading them... well that's not saying a whole lot. That's a small fraction of the sales that devices like the Kinect had (18 million?), and it was considered a flop... just sayin'.

Besides, it's only just recently that hardware to make PC VR cheap became available, and lets face it, it is superior, and there is just plain more software. Don't count Sony's chickens too early.

trooper_2261d ago

Gotta love the naysayers. This is only the beginning for VR.

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xer02262d ago

But it shouldn't be an uphill struggle for Vive and Oculus. They are on an open platform - PC... which is a huge advantage.
It's just that the majority of VR content is being produced by porn companies.

They need to invest greatly in gaming/software development boutiques.

kraenk122262d ago

Actually the hurdle to buy an expensive PC and PSVR being a closed system is the biggest disadvantage PC VR has.

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S2Killinit2261d ago

Actually that is a lot. If PSVR has more than the combined totals of both the HTC and Oculus in a matter of weeks, it means VR has found a proper launch device to propell content into people's homes. It will only get better from there. This is good news for VR in general not just for Sony.

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Neonridr2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Touch launch will renew some interest in Oculus no doubt (can't wait for mine to arrive). But Sony has the advantage of offering the lowest barrier of entry to the VR world. And while I still feel my Rift is definitely superior in both image and tracking, the PSVR is still a great entry point for many and has the advantage of some of the Sony franchises backing it.

TankCrossing2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Bought my Rift today, and it came with a £100 voucher that will be going on the touch controllers. I've also got a pretty decent size room built specially for the occassion. Can't wait to take it to room scale :)

Neonridr2262d ago

Congrats. Hope you enjoy it!

add me on Oculus if you want (same username as here) once you get it set up.

WeAreLegion2262d ago

You guys are gonna love roomscale. ;)

TankCrossing2262d ago

Had a bit of a play around. VR.... is the best thing ever.

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Shadonic2262d ago

compared to vive how are the vr system requirements compared to the vive. I'm saving out for the vive but it just costs so much and im gonna need a new computer for it. I thought about the psvr but there's just not anything out there that interests me enough to get it along with a lot of the review scores on the titles not being so great. I cant really trust new people trying it out cause there still in that new tech orgasm high like i was with the vive.

Neonridr2261d ago

Rift and Vive PC requirements are basically the same. You are looking at a fairly decent PC - power wise, in order to play VR properly.

DEEBO2263d ago

Sony just does gaming better,they know how to make hardware cheap and affordable with games to match.
The thing I like the most is how they win even if their comp has more money,better hardware or released before them.

Death2263d ago

What did they win? Selling more doesn't make them better, it simply means more people are buying it. Did you already forget last gen where Wii sold the most consoles? Were they the best or was there a more "premium" experience else where?

Liqu1d2263d ago

Wii won last gen, PS4 is winning this gen so get over it.

ooquis2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I Can say with pride I have never EVER even held a wii controller.

tee_bag2422262d ago

@Liquid *slow clap* You totally missed the point.
N4G gets dumber by the day. Pointless argumenting with people who use emotions over reason and evidence.

Exvalos2262d ago

Comparing psvr to the wii is like comparing a supermodel to a fat ugly hairy chick

Trez12342262d ago

Lol. Right now Sony is offering a more premium experience on console and you can also say theyve been offering a more " premium " gaming experience on console since launch.

Sparta072262d ago

Death you kill me. PS4 is killing it, let it go. The jealousy is strong with you

Death2262d ago


I own a PS4, Xbox One and WiiU. I still have my PS3, 360 and Wii from last gen as well as all the consoles from each gen prior to that. I am also a PC gamer. I disagree that Sony does gaming better/cheaper/etc. Each company brings something to the table that all gamers can enjoy with none being "better" for everyone. Sales have never determined a "best" in any category other than sales. Each generation we see each company doing something different from the others, but none have done everything better than the others.

What would you like me to be jealous of? I am just as upset or jealous that PS4 is selling the best as I was last gen with the Wii holding that title. Before Sony it was Nintendo and Atari prior to that. I still have them all. I enjoy gaming while others enjoy sales. It's a fun place to be.

kraenk122261d ago

If you really want us to believe you own a PS4 you should maybe try to downplay Sony products and games at every chance you get.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane2262d ago

That wasn't the case when the PS3 launched at £500.

Ahh how the Sony fanboys love to forget...

... and before the butt hurt call me a fanboy just know I have a PC an PS4 and look forward to gettin the NS next year. Those of us with income don't need to stick to one platform.

Angeljuice2262d ago

And those of us with good judgement and decisive personalities don't have to buy any old piece of crap console and choose wisely instead.

kneon2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The PS3 was a great deal even at launch. It was a powerful gaming machine with Bluray support for less than the cost of a standalone Bluray player at the time. And unlike the competition it was actually designed for HD from the start.

Psychotica2262d ago

Yeah and Dodge sells more family mini vans than Ferrari sells sport cars, but I still rather have the Ferrari.

Aenea2262d ago

Just did a quick Google, a Dodge minivan starts at $24k...

Since PSVR is not even half the price of the PC VR headsets I'm now assuming Ferrari makes cars in the $40k to $50k price range?

Sign me up!

Psychotica2262d ago

Really doesn't matter, my point still stands. You could use McDonald's cheeseburgers vs one at a steakhouse too if you want different analogy. Cheap things sell more than quality things is my point.

Ricegum2262d ago


But the PS4 is cheaper and better than the competition. So your analogy fails.

BlackTar1872262d ago

PR hit squad you ate right psychotica?

Germany72262d ago

But the Ferrari owners are not begging for anything from Dodge, lol.

ILostMyMind2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

And do you have... a Ferrari?

Angeljuice2262d ago

He has a Ferrari poster on his wall (but a Dodge mini van on his drive).

trooper_2261d ago

You have no point if its been proven wrong.

Thank you for trying.

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gustave1542262d ago

Sony just needs to release more games for PSVR and they will have a monopoly of the VR markey

Kaneki-Ken2262d ago

PlayStation Experience will announce more PSVR games.

kraenk122262d ago

Actually the lineup already is impressive for a launch lineup and there are more titles released every week.

Angeljuice2262d ago

I don't know if monopoly would transfer well to VR. /s

2262d ago
cyber_daemonx2261d ago

@Doctor, he means monopoly the board game hence the /s lol.

2262d ago
Ulf2261d ago

"Sony just needs to release more games for PSVR and they will have a monopoly of the VR markey "

Yeah, they should just whip that up. I wonder why they haven't busted out the awesome library, just yet?

italkgame2261d ago

Quantity wise we have had a nice launch line up, but must play VR titles with mass appeal are a little trickier to find or arguably not here yet.
Waiting for a VR game with a lasting appeal and a deep rich game system.

Tru_Ray2261d ago

Rez Infinite is pretty close to being a perfect VR experience IMO. Some genres don't translate as well to VR, but Rez was originally conceived as a VR game so it translates perfectly!


kneon2261d ago

There will be no Sony monopoly. Sure they will outsell Rift and Vive combined many times over, but the real mass market VR will be Gear VR and Daydream.

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