God Of War 2 Video Interview

Director Cory Barlog gives us a little taste of Kratos' new makeover.

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OutLaw4929d ago

Does anybody know if they will put HD in the game to enhance it for people who want to play this on their PS3?

Supa4929d ago

Yes, the game will be HD Optimized said Tim Moss (director of technology on God of War 2).

TheMART4929d ago

Outlaw, I couldn't answer you anymore at the other article so I'll do it here.

Don't mind about it I just wanted to say.

This video looked bad *ss good! It gave me a bit the feeling of the Mortal Combat I played on the original XBOX. The extra dimension with the large god outside the building is nice, very nice

If you don't mind too much about HD gaming a good reason to buy a PS2 for 100 dollar/Euro for if you didn't have one already if you ask me.

Maldread4929d ago

Can`t wait for this game to come out.

I think they should add some armour to the skeletons to make them look more thougher, they look kind of week without, if you ask me. Different ways of killing a boss would also be a welcome addition to the game.

Otherwise it appears to surpass the original in ever aspect.

shysun4928d ago

Theres another class of skeletons with armor in the game.;)

Maldread4928d ago

that`s great. Just different ways to kill a boss left then ;)

THAMMER14928d ago

Looks like another block buster game. Just like part 1.