Previews: C&C3: Tiberium Wars

From the preview: "Multiplayer has been compared to Red Alert 2, and that should hold true based on the game we played. Building goes very quickly, and once you encounter the enemy it will probably be a slugfest until one of you prevails. The interface lends itself to the quick pace with some handy tools for issuing build orders without having to move your focus on the map. Tabs under the minimap let you access your build queues for buildings, defensive structures, infantry, vehicles, and air units. With rally points set you could conceivable stay out in the field for quite a while without needing to baby-sit your base. A couple of new additions will also help accelerate your growth. The crane (GDI name) opens up a second set of build queues for you, and the surveyor (GDI name) can be sent out to deploy in the field and claim remote territory to let you start building there."

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Microsoft Master5238d ago

I don't know why but i can't get excited over this for a console. I am PC purist when it comes to RTS. There's no golden rule that says RTS games can only be played on PC to get the better experience, but controls make such a difference to the feel of a game. I don't care what EA says but the LOTR: BFME2 controls for 360 version were horrible and not easily accessible to hardcore gamers, let alone casuals!

JsonHenry5238d ago

Also, BFME2 looks like GARBAGE on the 360 compared to the PC version. And from the screens I have looked at, the 360 version looks like crap compared to the PC screens of C&C3.

THAMMER15237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

This game is best suited for the PC. But the 360 still dose RTS games well. I'm no RTS gamer but I do rent the 360 versions for the fun of doing some thing different. I also like this game for its control scheme and graphical performance. The screens do not look that different. C&C and LOTR rts look good too.
I hope PC gamers do not start acting like PS3 fan boys over RTS games and 1st person shooters.
I'm realy looking forward to SHADOW RUN too.