Kojima wants 50GB Blu-Ray disk for MGS4

This enticing piece of news might spur on the current debate over the correct format for the Next Gen Consoles. Recently Hideo Kojima said that "Blu-Ray is too small for Metal Gear Solid 4."

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Maldread4298d ago

that video was very funny hehe. The games are difinatly not all about the cutscenes, even though there was a fair amount of them in MGS2- the moast disapointing one of the 3 games too.

For MGS4, can`t wait to see what Kojima somes up with, i`m sure he can fill thoses gigs with a great game.

InMyOpinion4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

MGS2 was way better than Snake Eater. The end of Sons of liberty was magnificent. I wish Snake Eater had a story that strong. Plus the controls and camera are [email protected] up.

Maldread4298d ago

I think MGS3 was better, because it was about Snake`s father and not Raiden. It had a better story and made good additions to the gameplay in the new CQC and camo systems, which felt a bit strange at first, but nothing hard to get after some play. The Subsistance version has a better camera system ( havn`t tryed it myself though)

And the ending of MGS3 is one of the best I`ve seen and was a lot better than the one in MGS2.

Raist4299d ago

MGS cutscenes use the ingame engine so it doesn't eat that much space. CGI do.

And AFAIK he never said that he wanted 50GB BRD for his game, he just said that a 20GB can be filled fast enough. I think he was just answering a question about new storage media.

Grown Folks Talk4298d ago

i don't recall seeing your posts come up as spam/offensive.

Raist4298d ago

I noticed it a long time ago and I still wonder why lol

PS3 Ultimate4297d ago

MGS4 will use Blu Ray's storage and if its over 30 GBs then its not coming to the 360. ONLY on, the PLAYSTATION 3!

kingboy4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

well. kojima the boss has spoken.His cut scenes are like sick

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Hey Zeus4298d ago

Yes i'll be open minded Halo sucks, so 4 all the MGS haters, i don't think Halo is 2 great either, at least MGS 4 is a much rarer game than Halo, halo has been done better by let's see many of the games that appeared after it.

Grown Folks Talk4298d ago

that's the point. the assumption is everyone that owns an xbox thinks halo is the greatest thing to grace the face of the earth. my favorite xbox game is splinter cell: chaos theory. halo is fun, but to me it's not the end all be all. i'm looking forward to mass effect, bioshock, graw 2, splinter cell 5, alan wake, and many others besides halo 3. i don't like metal gear, you do. it's good we all don't like the same things, otherwise there would only be 1 game with a million sequals. generic 1, generic 2, generic 3, and so on. i don't care if you like mgs, enjoy it. doesn't mean i have to like it.

InMyOpinion4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Are you also german like Achira and Juevani? If so "german" is european for retard...