Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Sequels That Underperformed Due to A Previous Entry

Phil writes, "Despite being greatly reviewed games and of quality, some games simply don't sell well. It's something we've had to concede and take as a fact in this tumultuous industry. Sometimes it's due to not being what the public and consumers at large want, other times it's because of being released at the wrong time. Then, there are occurrences where sequels don't sell well. Many times this can be attributed to the fact that a game's predecessor poisoned the proverbial well and gave away all good will towards it. That's the case with these games in this article. They may be fantastic games in their own right, but a predecessor might have left a bad taste in gamers' and consumers' mouths."

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PixelGateUk1358d ago

Watchdogs 2 didnt have half as much marketing the uk as the first one did

PhoenixUp1358d ago

But Resistance 2 was an awesome game

trouble_bubble1358d ago

There's better examples he coulda picked, for sure.

Crackdown 2 for example. Dropped to 70% meta and sold 1.13million according to VGChartz estimates. Resistance 2 in comparison did a franchise high 87% and sold 2 and a half million. Stronger returns.

Warhawk to Starhawk is a better example too. Going from an 84% to a 77%, sales dipping from over a million to 300,000. Not good, and too bad cuz Warhawk was a darling in the early years.