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Graphics comparison showing the differences between 'full-fat' DriveClub on PS4 and the VR experience. What compromises were necessary to accommodate 60fps *and* a stereo 3D view? All VR footage taken on PS4 Pro.

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ApocalypseShadow1788d ago

Digital foundry does a pretty good job explaining technical things out. But this is ridiculous pointing out something we are all aware of if you have common sense. Like the fact that what you see in the share screen, is not what you really *SEE* in VR.But in comment threads, sometimes you really have to stretch your imagination that there are those with common sense.

In this video, he's pointing out that drive club had to be modified to be played in VR. Common sense would tell you that evolution was trying to push PS4 to it's limits making the game. Then, pushed again with weather added on. To expect that level of detail when PSVR would have to render that twice if I'm understanding VR, would be unrealistic expectations from PS4. But it doesn't mean further improvements can't be made on future games.

Two, drive club was made for PS4. Not for Pro. Only patched to run on Pro. Since evolution no longer exists at Sony, to expect a better version with more power when no one is "at the office," is unrealistic. Sony would need to spend more money updating an old game. Only future games will take advantage of Pro power. Then, downscaled for base PS4.

There are those that say PS4 is "holding back" Pro. Pro is NOT a next gen system. It's an extension to an existing system. To expect PS5 graphics is unrealistic. We are only 3 years in and there are gamers already ready for next gen before Detroit, Horizon, Spiderman,FF7 remake, GOW, etc have even come out. Stop being unrealistic. Consoles aren't PCs updated every couple of months. And even then, most PC games don't take advantage of new cards. Just brute forced. It's modders who spend all that time and energy going back. But they're not getting paid. Unless they're picked up for their outstanding mod work.

Lastly, PSVR benefits from Pro. It wasn't made for Pro. A whole year went by while we watched journalists, developers and gamers playing VR on base PS4 having no trouble and enjoying it with motion tracking. For those like....*expired loaf *... You know who I'm talking about.. Just because some developers are lazy with cash grabs like NBA2K VR with no VR motion control
doesn't mean PSVR has trouble with forward tracking. If this exists on PSVR in Carnival games PSVR
Then, there is no problem. They were lazy with NBA. Maybe they'll update that trash that only uses the controller and not 2 moves.

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kraenk121787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

It's not just twice the's also two separate eyes and therefore more calculations. I love and respect DF but they are pretty ignorant on that part.

XStation4pio_Pro1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

at the end of the day you can sum it up like this: the ps4 is not powerful enough to maintain its higher end graphics in a vr headset for obvious reasons. the ps4 pro can handle vr better than the base playstation because it has 228% more GPU and faster clock speeds but games need to be optimized to take advantage.

ps4 will not hold back the ps4 pro (because of scalable game builds and render settings/rez) but the ps4 will not be able to handle what the pro can be optimized to do nor keep up with its performance in vr..

psvr is the budget entry into vr. it is not going to perform like the oculus or the vive on a good pc. the ps4 pro helps but even still - you have a 4.2 TF machine competing in a space where 12 TF+ machines exist. There are going to be sacrifices if you want to save money. just like buying cars, computers and food.

launch titles on psvr have mostly been glorified demos and mini arcade games. until ps4 pro versions of games like gun turismo etc start popping up on psvr, people will have to temper their expectations.

vr games really need a minimum of 90fps to reduce motion sickness (caused by latency in screen/motion compared to what the brain expects). 90 fps means youre going to sacrifice - especially if most of your high end games run at 30 fps.

bajny771787d ago

Gun turismo?New FPS from Sony?

freshslicepizza1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Apocalypse that is a very very long comment to basically say virtual reality needs quite a bit of horsepower. Sure it's great Sony manged to support the original PS4 but to purchase a peripheral that costs more than the console and then have so many concessions put in place compared to what the original PS4 is capable of non-vr games is asking a lot to adopt. Not only are developers hesitant to put AAA games dedicated to peripherals but now they have to tailor back the games because Sony will not allow the Pro to get exclusives.

When I get into vr, and I will because I think it is what's needed you push the industry, I want full rich experiences. I can be lenient on Google cardboard and other cheap ways to get VR but $500 for a limited experience isn't a good investment. But please don't let my pessimism deter anyone from getting psvr. The ps4 and ps4 pro both offer great value, this not so much.

kraenk121787d ago

I don't know why but I'm pretty sure you never even tried it, if you still doubt it's worth the money.

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kraenk121787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

It's really a shame support for this game has widely stopped now. I would have loved to see an optimised version for the Pro on it with a lot of the visual effects retained. Bad mistake to let them go by Sony imho. That said they supported the game way more than other developers do usually.

UCForce1787d ago

I understand it was hard for us as PS fan. But that was something we can't predict to stop it. And We have to move on with it.

mike32UK1787d ago

They literally just a few weeks just released 15 new tracks for the base game for FREE. From a business standpoint, you cannot blame Sony for letting them go. Motorstorm pacific rift, Apocalypse and Driveclub didn't sell well. It's a shame, because I loved all 3 of those games.

kraenk121787d ago

I applaud them for their post release support. Second to none! Even more sad hey had to leave.

IWasHere1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

DRIVECLUB sold well. At least 2 million until July 2015 and an unknown number digital. Don't forget DRIVECLUB Bikes and other DLC.

2cents1787d ago

I read first that DC VR was making many sick, due to the sharp foreground vs. distant blur, including DF, tested and many others.

Now its the best PSVR racer that stands toe to toe with the competition with no mention of the previous summation.

Alrighty then.

kraenk121787d ago

A lot of VR makes inexperienced people sick. Some sadly will never get used to it. Most do though. You have to earn your VR legs.

Movefasta19931787d ago

SO the vr version is running at 60fps??The difference in quality can't be that BIG.SOmething's off,it must have been rushed because that looks really bad.

kraenk121787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Of course it was rushed. They weren't even really developing it anymore. Plus there is no Pro version, sadly. What you still have to understand it's not just the 60's two different viewing angles for each eye due to the 3D which needs a lot more processing power.

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