How I Spent 600 Hours With Offline Games

"So I recently moved home into a new flat and have recently been told we won’t have internet installed until the New Year, at the earliest. This has really knocked me back as I’ve been really into online games and being able to download any game I wanted to play without any issue. Now I’m limited to a very small library of games to play (I don’t commonly play single player games). Looking at the games I have to play, I have to think of how long these games will take me to play and how well it will occupy my time. Taking out my actual working hours and sleep I have 582 hours between now and the earliest possible chance of having internet. This doesn’t include time I will be spending with my beautiful other half or seeing family. So with these hours I have developed a list of games which I recommend and should fill these hours up very nicely."

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USMC_POLICE1407d ago

You played skyrim that took up 550 of those hours.

himdeel1407d ago

Thats all, 600 hours. I spent 1980 to about 1998 playing offline...I laugh at your 600 hours...meh

1407d ago
KingAlistair1407d ago

Similar thing when i moved to college 3 years ago,waited 3 weeks for internet.All i played was Dragon Age origins(12 playthroughs+7 awakening with 200 + mods installed) and bfme 2 edain.

yeahright21407d ago

I've been primarily a single player gamer all my gaming life. It's a superior experience to me, by a large margin. But I look for more things like plot, character development and such in my games. So a title like murdered soul suspect that most agree is a crap game, I liked because of the plot.
That said, I get why others enjoy multiplayer. They play with friends, it extends the life of the game, scratches that competitive itch. But for me, when Ellie and Joel come across the giraffes in the last of us, I don't want to hear about what you're getting on your pizza.

Espangerish1407d ago

I game primarily to relax and for the escapism of it. I love the feeling of being immersed in and transported to other worlds as a escape from the day to day grind on life.

The problem with online games is that I find nothing relaxing about competitive multiplayer games full of intense twitchy battles and I find it impossible to feel immersed in a game world when I can hear other gamers talking and hurling insults. Even when other gamers voices are muted the majority of online games are structured in a way that a meaningful narrative of sense of identification with your character are missing

Perjoss1407d ago

The sad thing is no matter how troll proof you try and make your online game people will always find a way to 'play' the game in a way that wasn't intended and spoil it in one way or another for the other players.

UltraNova1407d ago

Yeah there is no substitute for single player experiences. You really get lost in those worlds abscent of human interaction.

That said, I have been playing a lot of online for a year now and I have to admit the only time I get to trully enjoy gaming is when I play a single player game. BF1 while excelent in many ways is still more frustrating than joyfull. On the other hand R&C is a blast and constantly fun! I cant wait for tLG!

Long live SP!

Tapani1407d ago

While I would agree with all the single player players here (I'm also always about character development, plot, story, lore, world immersion and deep gameplay), I'd positively single out some Co-Op experiences like Dead Nation and Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Demon's Souls which add to single player experience while being online.

yeahright21407d ago

In the broadest of terms, for me the breakdown usually falls like this:
story, single player. fun: co-op, a "just how good am I" goes to competitive. So yeah, I can easily see that. While I don't really care about dead nation's story, it was still a blast to play with my wife.

rocketpanda1407d ago

Nothing new there if you've been gaming on consoles before the dreamcast.

TimelessDbz1407d ago

I would go outside lol. Can not stand playing offline.

Darkwatchman1407d ago

Sucks for you. I love playing online and offline. Different kinds of experiences for different moods. It's unfortunate that you limit yourself so much to what you play

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