Analysis: Making Up Sony's PlayStation 3 Sales Gap

In examining the margins between Sony's end-of-2006 sales goals for PlayStation 3 and the actual numbers reported this morning by NPD Group - the accounting for which, Sony told BetaNews today, makes sense if you count those PS3s still on trucks - Parks Associates analyst Michael Cai told BetaNews there could be more serious factors at play...or at work.

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jwatt5232d ago

I think the two main reasons is the price tag and the lack of games but I think the European launch will give the ps3 the boost it needs when moore titles like motorstorm, VF5 and Heavenly sword comes out.

BIadestarX5232d ago

The 360 is taking the lead and this is shown my the consoles sold. Those are facts. Sony and fanboys can say anything they want but no one can argue against numbers. Sony needs to put their act together. Stop talking so much about the CELL, or Blu-Ray and speak more about GAMES. All the money they are spending on advertising blu-ray and the cell should be put to make games and lock exclusives. The way things are going their only chance is if Microsoft freeze and start making more mistakes than Sony. i.e. no new games for the next 10 months. And that's not likely.

Marriot VP5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

think of it this way, Sony's trying to create hype and knowledge of their very expensive and unecessary components (Blu-ray and the Cell). It's all about setting themself apart and above the 360 and Wii. However I believe this is a big waste of resources because NORMAL consumers and the bulk of consumers care about price first, games later. Not performance.

As far as devs crossing over, that's something hard to stop. Because Sony's already digging a huge hole with PS3's negative 300$ profit per console. And also it's not selling, obviously, nearly as much as I and others thought it would.

This analyst is right on.

THAMMER15232d ago

The neo geo had awesome games that you could not get anywhere else. The Jaguar was the same. But that never gave them a sales boost. The PS3 needs a price drop. The games are not great enough to warrant a $600.00 console purchase.

That is why the PS2 is still selling. Over all it is a pretty weak console but it's game selection is unmatched. The PS3 has no real system seller right now.

Nodoze5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

It is pretty sad sitting back watching Sony implode. The once dominant force in all things console is looking more like a first shot console developer in this latest round. Lies, deception, missed street dates, etc etc.

With the gloabl media power that Sony has it is amazing to see how little they delivered with Sony online. Microsoft hosts more Sony BMG content on their console than Sony does...SAD!!

Pride and arrogance removed rumble from their controller. Me too copy cat mentality put in motion control (at teh absolute last minute without telling ANY devs).

I think the smart people can already see the writing on the wall. Sony is wounded and Microsoft smells the blood in the water. They are moving forward full force and are attacking with relentlesss force.

The sad fact of the matter is that while I like what MS is doing, the 360 is RIDDLED with hardware problems. Lock ups, reboots, disks that get scratched from playing them (without moving the console), red rings of death etc. I know that almost half of the people I know who have them have sent them back for replacement. Mine is also getting ready to go back.

Oh and why is Microsoft's console the only one that does not offer a browser? Seems a bit silly to me.

If MS's console did work as advertised it would be great....

The point here is that competition is a good thing. If MS becomes the only game in town (literally) then the innovation will stop.

DJ5232d ago

the 360 did during its launch period, despite being released in fewer territories and having greater manufacturing issues (which is just amazing). Once the European launch is over, they're going to have to do the biggest marketing blitz ever for Games rather than their launch strategy which was to advertise aspects of the console. Maybe compilation commercials showcasing clips of upcoming titles?

dbug3605232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

I agree that’s what im saying! Playstation 3 sold 687,300 Comparably to Microsoft sold 607, 343 from their launch date in Nov. 2005 through the end of that year. For all you xbox fans saying well no ones interested in the PS3 because there still sitting in shops and they didn’t see xbox360 till around April/may……well that was because xbox360 had some very serous hardware faults and some people were up to there 5th consoles. I’ve never owned a 360 but I can tell you I’ve seen 8 360’s from just walking around the shops since launch with the red flashing light problem, I just saw one in the shops last week at Harvey Norman.

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