Top 10 Xbox One Microsoft Exclusives (First Three Years) - Going green pays off

Microsoft has always strived to offer a lineup of must-have exclusive games. Thankfully, Xbox One has an impressive selection of titles so far. Today is its third anniversary, so to celebrate; I've compiled this list of the best exclusives.

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Hoffmann1703d ago

The first title was pretty "lol" no wonder it was changed two times already.

Rude-ro1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Shouldn't the title be games available on Xbox one? Most are not exclusive. Or, everybody should just start calling it games on windows/pc.
Must suck that the word exclusive does not have a meaning anymore.

tinynuggins1703d ago

Does it suck though? Who is losing out here?

Rude-ro1703d ago

The people/media that try to use the word incorrectly I guess.

Kiwi661703d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

You still can't play them on any other game console so they are exclusive to the xb1 console even if some are also on pc, its no different to say a game thats on ps4/pc as you can't play them on any other game console so they're console exclusive ...... edit @digital how is it "the dumbest logic" when in your reply you say that they use term "console exclusive" which is what i am saying if you actually read my comment and i guess others missed where i said " CONSOLE" ..... edit 2 reading a comment in full really helps instead of nitpicking parts of it

DigitalRaptor1703d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

"so they are exclusive to the xb1 console even if some are also on pc"

That is the dumbest logic I've ever heard, and keep hearing.

You only need to use this logic if you're insecure about whether or not a console CATEGORICALLY has exclusives or if exclusivity means something to you as a gamer. Keep changing them dictionary definitions for your corporate overlords boys. Just know that even they don't agree with you. Both Sony and MS put the words "console exclusive" on their game cases to tell that these games are not exclusive all together.

@ gangsta_red

This is when you can tell somebody is disingenuous. They support others purporting lies and misinformation, just to make a point for their preferred console and brand of choice. Just like you did by personally attacking me for being honest and correct. It's funny how my level of correctness seems to be worrying you enough to sadly attempt and turn my words around on me, as you always try to do.

I mean this is just supremely rich, too. You visit PS4 articles to disagree with somebody who's arguments are sound and logical just to cause an argument against Sony fans and/or to defend somebody who is trolling on said articles. Meanwhile, you come into an Xbox article to attack somebody who is factually correct because it makes you uncomfortable. Wanna keep pretending that these double standards you hate so much, don't apply to you?

gangsta_red1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"You only need to use this logic if you're insecure about whether or not a console CATEGORICALLY has exclusives..."

You're sure about the insecure part? Seeing as how you are here more worried about it than anyone else is.

1703d ago
AsunaYuukiTheFlash1703d ago

You can't put xbox and exclusive in the same sentence.

Yohshida1703d ago

How? Gears and Forza are both Xbox exclusive. Both are played on the Xbox platform. People still dont get it....

DigitalRaptor1703d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Windows 10 platform is not an Xbox.

How hard is this for people to understand? It's the most simple thing in the world, yet we have these folks who actually believe that Microsoft revolves around Xbox and not the other way around.

@ VideoGameLab

It would have taken just a little bit of brain power to read my last sentence which would have made you re-think again about trying to argue what you're arguing. It's not an Xbox platform, it's a platform for Xbox connectivity. Not the same. You are basically trying to argue with me that an application link makes it an Xbox, when the actual DEFINED platform is PC, the OS is Windows 10, point of purchase is the Windows 10 Store, and just ONE application makes it an Xbox. Right......

@ Condemnedman

You won't get one of those lists because you either never learn from them, or you pre-emptively try and discredit them. But heck... whatever it would contain, at least we didn't have to wait 9-10 months for them alone. 😂😂

@ gangsta_red

As somebody that literally replied to my other comments with nothing of substance, it's no surprise that you think his comment was well said and that you agree with him and disagree with me. Quite frankly, you said it yourself: W10 is a platform for Xbox, not an Xbox. "Xbox exclusive" is factually dishonest when it's only online connectivity that links them, and there's very little you can do to prove otherwise. The funny thing is, I don't have a problem with anyone labelling it "Microsoft exclusive", like you probably would expect me to.

Bringing up an application and network connectivity on Windows (the platform) as the tie to Xbox is the best you can do to say a game like Forza Horizon 3 is "Xbox exclusive" then you've lost.

Yohshida1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


How do you play your Windows 10 Games? via the XBOX app, which basically is like STEAM. And STEAM is a platform. You play on XBOX LIVE, get XBOX Achievements, while being in an XBOX Party Chat and add your friends via XBOX. You need and XBOX Account to play Forza and Gears.

And you still think its not an Xbox platform?

Condemnedman1702d ago

don't worry about it let them play All the great exclusives released on the PS4 recently or since UC... HOLD IT wait for a list of obscure "who gives a shit" list coming..... it's coming ....

gangsta_red1702d ago


Excellent and well said comment GameLab, for some reason DigitalRaptor thinks that Win 10 isn't a platform for Xbox even though both are owned and benefit Microsoft.

"...believe that Microsoft revolves around Xbox and not the other way around."

And how exactly does that even begin to explain that Win 10 still isn't a platform for Xbox when they go hand in hand?

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Prubar1703d ago

Funny how only fanboys consider these non exclusives yet everyone else including the industry says otherwise.

XMarkstheSpot1703d ago

If you need an Xbox or the Win10 Store(NO steam or any 3rd party platform) to play, the game is Xbox exclusive. You need a Microsoft account to play, cross save, cross play, achievements, etc. If you can't see that 'Xbox(because Xbox isnt just a piece of plastic) has exclusives your not really seeing the picture

DigitalRaptor1703d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

The picture is this, and this only:

- Windows 10 PC is a platform.
- It plays games via the Windows 10 Store, with a Microsoft account.
- The platform is Windows 10, not Xbox. Therefore it's not an "Xbox exclusive".

"Console exclusive" is the most correct and honest descriptor that is out there, and that is why it's used on Xbox One game cases. Anything else, and you're convincing yourself a word means something it categorically doesn't.

@ gangsta_red & XMarkstheSpot

I'll make it a little easier for your persistent dodging of fact and logic.

The word "exclusive" has a definitive meaning when used by itself. You both seem to be trying to argue something that I never even said -- and you both seem to have resorted to insults -- instead of actually addressing what I said. It's not "Xbox exclusive", because a PC nor Windows are Xboxes.

In fact gangsta, what you said tells me that these are more "Microsoft exclusives" than "Xbox exclusives". But why go ahead and try and argue these as "Xbox exclusives"? If you're gonna make that claim then I'll go ahead and call them "Windows exclusives" and it would make about as much sense. In fact, more so, because these games are developed on Windows PCs and ported to console, are they not?

You could have even said that and been respectful, but nope.... an insult driven by an agenda against me is more worth your time. You basically said a whole lot of nothing relevant to the conversation, and tried to be condescending about it. In reality, there's nothing narrow minded about being honest and dictionary correct. ;)

"Like you would care anyways since you only game on PS"

Oh really.... Read my profile summary, a couple of comments and perhaps you'll learn a thing or two.

gangsta_red1702d ago

Except MS has unified their ecosystem so this MS account you keep spouting is actually tied to your Xbox account, your Win 10 account and everything else associated with MS and their users.

I know this is a hard concept to grasp being as narrow minded as humanly possible.

Don't know how many times people are going to explain this to you as clear and many times as they already have.

XMarkstheSpot1702d ago

That doesnt make sense. You need a windows account which you need for Xbox or the Windows store, the same account not a different one, so because its on PC its not exclusive to the Xbox Brand? That sounds a little stupid if you ask me, and im not trying to call you names or anything it just sounds like a stretch to say something negative about Xbox. Like you would care anyways since you only game on PS

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