Final Fantasy Month: The XIII Trilogy

The Trilogy started with the familiar and then pushed and pushed for exploring new ways to engage players. Some worked, some didn’t. That’s pretty much Final Fantasy in a nutshell.

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PhoenixUp721d ago

I liked FFXIII-2 the best

DarXyde721d ago

I liked XIII most. It wasn't perfect and, at times, very linear. But I actually really began enjoying the game at chapter XI. Very late in the game, I know. But there was a lot of great fun to be had once you could explore Gran Pulse.

My two cents.

Becuzisaid721d ago

I appreciate your opinion, and many people seem to share it, but I still don't understand how so many people feel that the absolute final part of a 30-40 hr game finally opening up is good enough reason to give this game a positive review.

DarXyde720d ago


I wouldn't say I'm giving it a positive review. Then again, what's positive is relative. I'd give it about a 7.5, which is a failure to some, but I interpret it as, "it's far from perfect, but I enjoyed it more than I didn't". The game played like a 6 in the linear sections for me but more or less became an 8 or 8.5 afterwards. The first section was a total chore, but I am glad I stuck with it. When it comes to a game's success, I'd rather be pleasantly surprised.

Archmagel721d ago

I love SE, but I just can't get behind their 2nd favorite child. All of XIII just felt The gameplay was probably the worst part, with all of it being "build up a gauge to 'break' the creature before you can actually do substantial damage".

XIII (FF:Hallways) was so linear I think I had tunnel vision playing it.

XIII-2 (FF:Back to the Future) had a story I gave 2 farts in a tornado about, and didn't really make up for that with the monster taming/training.

XIII-3 (FF:Accessorize) was more of a combination of the other 2, but now with a time constraint (and you WON'T get to experience everything with your first run, no matter how well you do).

They had some interesting premises, but they just fell flat to me. And the fact they KEEP pushing Lightning in almost EVERYTHING since those games has been the worst part. They wanted her to be Cloud SO badly.

Becuzisaid721d ago

Lightning is such a bad main protagonist. And they keep trying to tell everyone that she's so popular they just can't keep her away from all her fans.

babadivad721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

How is she a bad protagonist? I personally thought she was pretty bad ass. She was MUCH better than Tidas's whinny ass and people don't seem to have a problem with that tool.

I just don't see why everyone shits on her so bad.

The game-play may not have been the best[Iv'e shared my thoughts in the past on minor tweaks that could've made it awesome]. But I didn't see anything wrong with her as a character.

Scatpants721d ago

She had zero personality.

Becuzisaid720d ago

@babadivad she was entirely flat as a character. She had zero growth throughout the game.

As far as Titus goes, he is annoying, but his character and perspectives change as he experiences things in the game. He's more interesting a character to watch develop. Doesn't mean I actually enjoyed listening to him though. I do blame a lot of that on the early days of voice acting though.

Adrian_v01720d ago


Tidus is more or less the same boy at the beginning and end of the game.
Lightning, and not only her but most of the XIII cast, actually go through character development (except for Snow maybe).

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Elda721d ago

Loved FF-XIII.The other 2 didn't really like.

SolidGear3721d ago

I enjoyed the linear sections of the game but it got cumbersome later on. Never finished nor any other turn based RPG. Will give Final Fantasy XV a crack though.

Scatpants721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

The FFXIII trilogy. Otherwise known as the why are you still making more of these trilogy

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