The Uncharted 4 Single Player DLC Will Not Feature Sam

ThisGenGaming says "It looks like the original rumor about the DLC featuring Sam is a fake rumor."

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-Foxtrot971d ago

Thank god

People were going on about it being that little job Sully mentioned at the end of the game but I think the game focused way too much on Sam.

I doubt it but I hope it features Sully and Elena. The moment just after Nathan tells Sully to go after Elena when she finds out he was lying to her about the Maylasian job.

It would explain how Sully and Elena got to the Island, why Elena decided to come back and how she managed to find him. I could honestly see some interesting gameplay changes if they let us play as one of them. Elena isn't as experienced with hordes of enemies by herself which could make you rely on stealth while Sully is a good shot but being older is slow and can't really climb like Nate.

TheEvilResident1997970d ago

Once again lame opinion Sam was really cool in my eyes.

G20WLY970d ago

I liked Sam too. I really don't care THAT much who I'm playing as...just give me more of that UC4 goodness!

Aloy-Boyfriend970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Some say the game focused too much on Sam... Of course! He was the one who pulled nate to another adventure. Up until the twist, it was him who was having problems and Nate sacrifice his life to help him.

What could the game be without sam? Signing papers in Nate's office and shooting stuff in the attic?

-Foxtrot970d ago


Yeah because that's the only way forward they could have gone with the story.

If they went with Henigs idea and Sam was a villain then he would have thrust Nate onto another adventure anyway because Nate would want to protect his family life.

He didn't even have to be his biological brother, less plot holes would have came from him being a guy Nate looked up to at the St Francis Boys home, decided to run away from until he realised that Sam was pulling him onto a bad path by going too far thus accidentally seeing Sam get "killed". Sam would be fueled by anger for years, rotting away like the first original teaser trailer suggested and would want revenge....this would obviously be by destroying the life Nate has built up for himself while looking for the treasure they never found. Even Elena would support him from the start because with Sam around they would never be safe and Sully would help straight away to help protect them both.

There's one scenario out of many to pull Nate into another adventure.

It's not hard.

Aloy-Boyfriend970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

No @Fox!

Uncharted 2 adressed a 3rd character and some heist. That is what U4 explored in the prologue. It all connects! Whatever Henning wanted to do I don't care. We got this one instead, and it is pretty good!

Also just stop with the "plot holes." every Uncharted game has introduced a new supporting character that had nothing to do with the previous game. And Nate is all like "Oh hello! Long time no see" while the player is scratching his head like "who the hell are you." It is not a plot hole. Neither game is connected by any plot. That gives ND advantage to take the stories in any direction without ruining anything, and Sam didn't ruin anything.

-Foxtrot970d ago

"stop with the plotholes"

Are you kidding me. The franchise is known for it's great story telling and now when they have plot holes too hard to ignore you want to sweep it under the rug..."who cares". That's just being a blind fan man

What other characters were considered a plot hole? Chloe was introduced in a comic near release and Cutter was a side character, an old friend which could easily be explained as Nate having a lot of connections

But a brother...a BROTHER, that's too hard to ignore, especially when he taught him how to use the rope hook only to never ever use it


OB1Biker970d ago

It's a great character and could do with a lot more development. Some great story to tell about him.

Drizzy969d ago

I feel like sam was tacked on never seen him in 1 2 or 3 hard for me to care about his character in 4. Where is the brunette from uc2? Is it Chloe or something Like that Bring her back.

Aloy-Boyfriend969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

You lose your temper at the least problematic thing in the game and try to make it a big deal when it isn't. If wasn't until U3 that we got to explore Drake's past, or at least some of it. Was it a plothole to you that you didn't get to play Nate as a kid before? How is it because introducing a rope mechanics in the last instalment that means Nate didn't know how to do it before? Who taugh nate to pick a grenade and throw it back like in U3 and why he didn't do that before? Did he forget to do that now? OMG plothole!!!


Sam was more fleshed out within the game than Chloe has ever been including that comic Not everyone read. Be honest! You are just annoyed that Sam didn't end up being the villain like you expected. Find something better to complain...

There's really no plot holes across all games because there isn't a plot at all. Uncharted is know for their stories in every game. There's no mythos, or anything the series needs to follow. ND can even bring a cousing or Nate's grandpa and still not ruin anything... Because that is the thibg about Nathan Drake. We still don't fully know him or any further connections he has

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ninsigma970d ago


The comment made by sully at the end would have led well into DLC with him and Sam but still I think it would have been way too similar to what's already there for UC. Would love a cassie based DLC.

AcidDvl970d ago

Cassie? really????? Other than being Drake's and Elena's daughter, she's got absolutely nothing to offer to Uncharted. What makes Uncharted Uncharted is Nathan and the crew and their adventures, humor, etc. People who ask for that are not fans of the franchise.

ninsigma970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

At the end of the game, they make it very clear that she is following in her parents footsteps as an adventure. It's pretty plausible to for her to have her own game or at least DLC.

And wait, are saying I'm not a fan of the series?? Because you're way off if you are.

-Foxtrot970d ago


Stop it. Don't start saying that "You're not a fan of the series" shit because someone gave an opinion on an Uncharted game you didn't like or agree with's like you have to praise every single thing, big or small to be a fan of these games.

I wouldn't really want Cassie as DLC but I'm not going to shit all over his opinion and say he's not a fan.. He obviously is if he's played the bloody game.

Lord_Sloth970d ago

I don't really want to play as Sam either. Nothing really against him as a character I just feel we got our fill of him from the game.

That said I would love playing Elena and Sully.

-Foxtrot970d ago

That's what I'm trying to say...I'm glad you understand that without jumping down my throat

We've had our fill of him, they wasted the majority of the game shoe horning him in and trying to make us care for him despite being the last game and the fact they should have just used the characters they had to give the franchise a send off. It made it feel like just another instalment until the epilogue.

Sully and Elena deserve more screen time. They were very underused in this game and once again someone like Elena was "forced" to get involved instead of being well written into joining Nathan in his adventure by choice. If Sam was the villain like Amy Hennig was going to do then at least it would have allowed them to give her a reason to help her husband "one last time".

UCForce970d ago

I'm not going to agree with your opinion especially you been way too much nitpicking Uncharted 4.

ninsigma970d ago

I may not agree with him on most of what he says on UC (or on anything for that matter) but he's still allowed his opinion on it, even if it seems nitpicky :)

-Foxtrot970d ago

LOL...really that's why. You hate the fact I'm nit picky on it so even if you did think I was right you wouldn't say it. Jesus Christ man that's pretty bad. "Oh he's calling Uncharted and ND...he must be stopped".

I loved Drakes Fortune, Among Thieves, Drakes Deception and even Golden Abyss but for me A Thief's End had problems...I'm sorry but that's what it is.

Yes it's a beautiful game, well made, great animation and still a story better then the majority of games out there but for the last Uncharted game it was a let down. I could even praise the little things the game had if you want but we'd be here all day.

However does this mean it's "shit", "badly made" or the worst thing ever like most of you guys think if anyone dares to criticise the "Naughty Gods". No of course not. I've been called a Playstation fanboy because of how I over praised Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 and even Uncharted 4 when it was first revealed. Now I say something bad and it's like "BURN HIM...TRAITOR....BURN HIM AT THE STAKE HE'S NOT ONE OF US"

I'm sorry but I'm not going to be blind and lick their ass.

You don't have a story then 4 "instalments" later add a character, especially a brother who has never been seen before or even talked about. I'm sorry but you don't it's bad story telling and if one of your favourite franchises did that whether it's the last Harry Potter, the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean, the last Lord of the Rings or even the Hunger Games it would be criticised unless it was planted in past instalments. Sam was basically shoe horned in to basically tell another story like they couldn't think of anything else. We spent half the bloody game learning about it with flashbacks and the like which took time off other characters and denied other characters like Chloe, Cutter and even Rikka Raja to come back. You do not add a "long lost brother" in the last instalment of your story unless you mentioned he was dead or gone in the first instalment of your story. It's cheap. If I did this in University I wouldn't have gotten a 1st put it that way.

Uncharted 4 is a very well made game and still has a better story then a lot of games, especially this year but as a huge fan and growing up with this franchise I'm sorry but ND dropped the ball here, not with the single player but the multiplayer aswell. Like I said still a solid 8/10 game but doesn't hold a candle to past games story wise.

You know what the sad thing is I've noticed. The big fanboys of ND and Uncharted, the ones on the official Uncharted forums Sony has on their site are more respectful and will admit a variety of things on the game. You don't see that very often on a franchises forum site.

Skankinruby970d ago

I was about to have your back until I read your overall opinion of Uncharted 4. You are putting it on the bottom of the pile in the series and I couldn't disagree more.

Yes, Sam was a completely left field decision and simply a loophole to extend Drakes story to one more adventure but they executed it perfectly. The series could have very well ended at 3 as the heavy implication was there that Drake needed to tone it down, so no matter which direction they took the fourth one would have deserved this criticism.

Uncharted 4 had the best gameplay, storytelling, and villain of the series. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but Sam being added in did not water down or compromise what was ultimately the best single player in the series as millions would also agree.

-Foxtrot970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Well Golden Abyss is at the bottom really but console wise it flip flops with Drakes Deception. As I've said above just because it's there dosen't mean I think it's a bad game.

"ultimately the best single player in the series as millions would also agree"

Not from what I've seen. I've seen a dozen polls on a number of sites/forums about "best Uncharted" and it's usually never at the top.

Best storytelling?

Like I said shoe horning a brother into the story giving it the generic "long lost brother" storyline. A guy never mentioned and creates small plotholes. Marlowe having Nates family files and never mentioning him or the rope hook gameplay being something Sam taught Nate yet never ever used in any of his adventures except the one in the prison Flashback.

Best Villain?

Rafe was ok but nothing special and Nadine was just Neil's way of trying to please Feminist Frequency Sarkeesian which hilariously blew up in his face.

I mean saying this is better then Uncharted 2...sorry but that's just silly. I mean why? Because it had better gameplay and better graphics which it would obviously have anyway regardless since it's on a next gen console with way better tech found in a 2009 game. Even Drakes Fortunes story was better, more simple but I enjoyed it a whole lot more.

"which direction they took the fourth one would have deserved this criticism"

Not really. Amy's idea with Sam being a villain sounded way better. Even the simple teaser trailer with a powerful voice over gave me chills. Not to mention it would have given Nate the best villain to face ever, someone he considered family. Something we've never seen from any villain. How do you kill someone who's trying to kill you when you love them like family.

sher123win123969d ago

can we please block this [email protected] (foxtrot) already

Deadpooled970d ago

My prediction - the DLC is going to be based on Chloe and Cutter with probably a 10 hour story play through.

Skankinruby970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

'I mean saying this is better than Uncharted 2...sorry but that's just silly. I mean why?'

I'll tell you why, at least MY opinion. Uncharted 2 got a huge crown it didn't fully deserve. Chloe was a pointless character, a mixing business with pleasure type only makes sense in tiny portions. But putting her as a main character and dragging her into the third one made no sense. At best she would have been great as a lengthy flashback chapter.
Flynn was insanely cliche. The second you heard his first line in the game you knew exactly what his role was, a cheesy arrogant traitor.
Lazarovic was the worst part, a generic psychotic muscle head who considers Hitler, Stalin, and Genghis Khan 'great men'.
The saving grace of that game was the excellent before-and-after storytelling. And the boss fight, the one serious screw up they made with 3. Only thing I can gather as the reason 2 was so heavily praised was because of how dramatically better it was than the first one as people tend to expect a decline in quality in sequels and the shock stuck with people.

With 4 they connected the characters so passionately. Drake, Elena, and Sully all had a much more serious approach and they dropped the 'what's the worst that could happen?' carefree attitude. The boss fight and whole ending sequence was untouchable (no matter how much it stole from the ending to The Goonies). Again, just my two cents but I definitely felt the fourth one took the crown.

Play2Win969d ago

I wish I had your "problems" Foxtrot.

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Aloy-Boyfriend971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

I had no problem with Sam and I liked the twist very much. Didn't really expect it. I can dig a different character always. He already had his run with nate

ClayRules2012970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

Sam here, buddy!

Sam was a joy "in my opinion"
I understand people wanted more "Elena and Sully" with this being touted as the last Umcharted for Drake. But, I love how ND handled Elena and Sully': involvement in the 4th game. Also, with Drake trying to help his brother in this game, it makes sense to me that he'd be a big focus in the game.

ClayRules2012970d ago

Well, how about Elena or Sully. That'd be a nice change of pace. Either way, I'm really looking forward to this!

I wish we could play as Nadine or Rafe in the DLC. Those two were my personal favorite villains in the entire series. Rafe was a hoot. I loved the look on his face when Sully bet against him during the auction.

ninsigma970d ago

Elena and sully would be cool. I'd up for playing as Nadine but not Rafe. Not interesting enough for me.

ClayRules2012970d ago

Yeah, playing as Nadine would be pretty cool. Did you like Rafe, in terms of being the villian?

OB1Biker970d ago

I think it could be Nadine as main character. She s interesting as a complex character that ND might want to explore.

970d ago
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