Video Feature: Why Max Payne 3 Failed

Hey Poor Player says: "Why did Max Payne 3 fail? In this video feature I look at the various difference between Max Payne 3 and the previous games in the series for answers."

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madforaday696d ago

You could also say that is the point. Max Payne isn't technically Max Payne in the 3rd one, he just happened to get a job similar to what he had in his past because of his past. He had to go down a road which he was already broken from. Once again, Max Payne 3 was my least favorite of the 3 but I still liked it a lot.

Kyosuke_Sanada696d ago

There is a lot of truth in this video and the intro, even though funny for the first few seconds, did cover an aspect that I never really thought about the previous Max Paynes. I do applaud the most recent one for its amazing gunplay and actually removing a pet peeve that has plagued tons of games before it, the dreaded "magnet back" that holds other weapons. Seeing small details like Max actually hold a long gun in one hand when unequipped are one of the many things I really did like about it but the most important part of the series was always it's stories and characters, aspects that the third installment felt very flat on.

Redx165696d ago

I think another part of why Max Payne 3 failed was do to Rockstar's bait and switch. They announced GTA V and later after that did nothing but Max Payne 3 videos and articles pissing off fans and new comers alike.