Nintendo Switch Launch Window Details

Yesterday, via Twitter, Laura Kate Dale posted a list of supposed games planned for the Switch’s launch window. If these rumors are true, then the first six months of the Nintendo Switch look to be an interesting one.

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DillyDilly2795d ago

If Mario really is the only interesting new game that is really disappointing

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DaveO_TZR2795d ago

Yeah it's definitely not ideal but Breath of the Wild will be out before anyone knows it

deafdani2795d ago

That's a lot of ports of games I've already played to death.

I hope all these ports are balanced by a healthy amount of new games to play. If this rumor is true, it looks like I'll only have the new Mario, the Mario Rabbids RPG and Skyrim to play on the first half year of the console's life. (I never played Skyrim). Oh, and Splatoon, which I haven't played either.

Dumpling2795d ago

Well the Splatoon "port" (assuming its a port since theres no official word yet) is confirmed to have NEW content in the Switch trailer. So all the dlc from Splatoon plus new content means its gonna be one meaty game for the switch. I love that game to death, you should take a look on youtube to see if its your cup of tea or not.

deafdani2795d ago

I played one of the Splatoon weekend free demos Nintendo dished out a while ago. I already got a solid idea of what the game is about, and had a lot of fun with it, I just never got around to buying it. That's why I'm buying the Switch version.

If it has even more content, that's just icing on the cake.

DillyDilly2795d ago

I'd actually be interested in ports for both Xenoblades but the problem is when as Mario will only last for a certain amount of time

pcz2790d ago

if the line up is true then the switch is off to a bad start.

you dont launch a new system with ports from a failed last gen console.

again nintendo are proving to be really tight fisted, recycling old games, putting in as little work as possible in order to make the biggest profit. as the wiiu proved, the consumers arent stupid, they know a BS product when they see it, and ports of last gen games for a next gen console is BS. in the end they will be a third party dev.

just imagine if the N64 launched with snes ports. its unimaginable. the point in the next gen is to showcase the future.

nintendo are losing, as evident by their constant cannibalisation of their back catalogue- they arent producing anything new anymore!

iplay1up22790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

That is where you are wrong! The games MK8 , Xenoblade X, SSB are fantastic!!!!! Why only release them on a system that has only sold 13mill units, when switch MAY sell 60million, that is 47 Million switch useres that never played the games on Wii U and may buy them!

iplay1up22790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I have not played Skyrim, and I have only played Splatoon during the splatfest free demo. It was fun! So for me itgis list is correct, I will probably pick up the Mario/Rabbids crossover and Skyrim at launch. Unless the crossover looks lame, but I doubt it!

MK8, Xenoblade X (my 2015 GOTY freaking awesome!) And SSB I already own, I am not sure about a repurchase, though I am aware MK8 looks like it has added features, I will have to wait and see..

Waiting for Tokyo Mirage Sessions to be delivered today! An early Christmas present to me.....$41.00 on Amazon Prime New!!

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JunMei2795d ago

I think all the ports are a good idea, because Wii U was CRIMINALLY underappreciated. Hopefully, these ports will give people a chance to finally enjoy these awesome games.

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jaymacx2795d ago

@JunMei that was perfectly said... "CRIMINALLY" lol yeah those games deserve better. Hopefully they aren't just straight ports but have additional content and or graphical upgrades. If not its still good to re-release them.

PurpHerbison2794d ago

I've said this before, but imagine owning a Wii-U and being annoyed with the support it got, just to find out the very next Nintendo console is going to recycle all the games you already bought and slap new price tags on them... Cool for those that sat the WiiU out I guess, but I am failing to understand how your average Nintendo fan doesn't see this as a complete smack to the face. Where are the NEW games for their NEW console???

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pcz2790d ago

i bought wiiu games waiting for a wiiu console price cut that never came. A PS4 with uncharted 4 is currently cheaper than the wiiu. the wiiu is a terrible investment, so for now, im stuck with half a dosen games i cant play

TheFirstClassic2795d ago

Am I the only one repulsed by the idea of a rabbids and mario crossover?

Concertoine2795d ago

Nope. What a bizarre choice, last time the rabbids were relevant was 2008.

TheFirstClassic2795d ago

Hoping the rumor is wrong honestly. There are WAY better choices for crossovers lol.

R00bot2795d ago

I think it could be good, but not because the Rabbids are a good choice of crossover.

DaveO_TZR2795d ago

Not necessarily repulsed but confused as to how those two can be combined into an RPG

wonderfulmonkeyman2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

To be honest, I can't see it working out too well, either.
But to play the advocate for a moment, a lot of people said the same thing in regards to a Disney/Final Fantasy action RPG crossover.

Mickey Mouse and CLOUD?
In an action RPG series together?
Most people scoffed at the idea, if not outright hated it.

Yet we all know how well Kingdom Hearts did going forwards, despite those misgivings.

deafdani2795d ago

I, for one, am really intrigued by that idea. It sounds hilarious, honestly.

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