Hitman Blood Money - Developer Diary - What's Next?

The team behind Hitman discuss what's next for Agent 47.

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FamoAmo6193d ago

I love the gameplay of hitman but I hope they will put next gen graphics in it next time!

OutLaw6193d ago

I could see it, he has a wife and two children. It's christmas. He eats dinner with them and then go out to do a job. Comes home in time to see the kids open their gifts. That would seem more like a real life Hitman.

Bill Gates I Am6193d ago

And then the presents explode, his kids die, and so begins the next Hitman game.

I actually loved Blood Money.

OutLaw6192d ago

I don't know about killing the kids. I was just trying to say maybe they should make him look like he has a normal life.

Bill Gates I Am6192d ago

Oh yeah, I know what you were saying, but if his kids die, then it might be a catalyst for the next game.

PS360PCROCKS6193d ago

eh this game is stupid kind of I played it the other day