Target Is Hitting Black Friday Prices In Their Latest Sale

Target is hitting some insane prices in their Black Friday-style four day sale!

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j_shorty21351d ago

For this who probably won't read the link. It's Australian prices.

Chuska1351d ago

All I want is for article headlines to have the country in parentheses.. Would be nice instead of clicking on links and realizing, oh it's Europe's PS store.. Or any other countries site

iTechHeads1351d ago

It's up to the mods to enforce this and give out bans for those who don't comply.

zeal0us1351d ago

.au...... dead give away this isnt for the u.s

C-H-E-F1351d ago

best buy still has the best black Friday deals I think Skyrim goes for 25 along with all the other games that came out around that time

1351d ago
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