Harvey Smith Explains Why Dishonored 1&2 Aren't Open World Games

Arkane's Harvey Smith, Creative Director on Dishonored 1 & 2, explained why the studio decided against using open world design for both games.

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Chris_Wray752d ago

No doubt that certain things can be structured in certain ways for games like Dishonored, but at the same time these short story effects he speaks off are managed in open world games - Look at the larger missions found in the Elder Scrolls games, which just instance off areas (for lack of better word).
Granted, the main thing this format gives Dishonored over an open world is the ability to put in hugely contrasting designs that would need to be brought in steadily in an open world.

Alexious752d ago

Yeah, I don't feel there are excuses anymore not to provide a seamless playable world regardless of how big it is.

Cybermario752d ago

i really think a world/universe like dishonored dont need to be open world, some games dont need it to be great experiences.

KaiPow752d ago

These larger sandbox levels are better than I initially thought.