Halo 4 … 4 Years Later – Microsoft’s Largest Investment

Lucas Raycevick dissects 343's first full game, Halo 4. Released as a direct follow-up to Halo 3, to say they had big shoes to fill is putting it lightly.

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sammarshall102790d ago

Halo 4 went on to do like 8 million and was very underrated

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andrewsquall788d ago

And 343i failed and have been failing since. They even screwed up the remaster one which technically was the best hands it could have been put into.
It must be said though, Halo 4 should have been delayed about one year because then that would have put it as a Xbone launch title where it would have probably been slightly more polished (again not saying much when 343i is involved). Why start a brand new iteration of a trilogy of your biggest franchise and put the first game of this new trilogy on a console that was being replaced in a year?