Adapt This: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

The debut installment of Adapt This looks at what a video game adaption of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them could be.

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RyanMc2016793d ago

The Harry Potter games were some of my favorite growing up, I'd love to see an adaptation of Fantastic Beast

Skaymore793d ago

Don't remember if it was actually good, but I have fond memories of the Half Blood Prince game for Wii. They could definitely make a fantastic beasts game.
Anyway, I was slightly dissapointed in the movie which I saw last night (not nearly as good as the main movies or books) but it was still good

ian86793d ago

I absolutely adore the PS3 version of the Half Blood Prince. Game has loads of charm and really captures the essence of the films. Here's hoping we get something like that soon instead of more Lego stuff.

Jared8Randall792d ago

The generation that grew up with Harry Potter is now buying their own games and systems, which means there's a more mature market. Not saying we need a rated M game, but I'm just saying gamers would appreciate the depth noted in this article and go for it. who doesn't want to be a wizard?

Lazybones2020792d ago

It's tough when developers have been deciding to create cheap mobile games instead of worthy movie tie-ins. Wolverine Origins was great and of course so was Spider-Man 2. I remember playing Sorcerer's Stone when I was young and really appreciating the charm the game had. Movie release schedules and game release schedules just don't mix, unfortunately. It takes much longer to make a quality game than it does to make a proper film, even with top notch special effects.