Assassin’s Creed II Fans Are Not Happy With The Remaster, Looks Like A Downgrade

It looks like that love for Assassin’s Creed II has turned into disappointment after finding out that the game looks like it has been downgraded.

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Kaneki-Ken1709d ago

Damn Ubisoft! Back at it again with the Downgrade

bloop1709d ago

I'm not usually part of the Ubi hate brigade as I think they get more hate than they deserve, but this looks absolutely piss poor. I think this was coming anyway. Even in promotional trailers it looked a hell of a lot worse than the originals.

princejb1341709d ago

I don't think they get enough hate. Almost every game they release is full of bugs or downgrades.

Ricegum1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Yet Watch Dogs 2 is fantastic. No downgrades at all there. Just need to hurry up and fix the seamless Mp aspect.

And by the way, this is clearly fake 😂 it looks like someone has just drawn that dude at the back some new eyes and clothing on Microsoft Paint.

bloop1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

@princejb134: I think Ubi just tend to bite off more than they can chew. The first AC was a major let down and they didn't achieve what they aimed for, but AC2 was amazing. Same with WD. I haven't played 2 yet, but again, the first was a letdown and 2 is getting highly praised now. They seem to get ahead of themselves with their vision and never hit their target. But once they get the groundwork done and move on to a sequel, it usually turns out great. There's no excuse for this tho. This just looks absolutely terrible.

Kingthrash3601708d ago

That guy on the right...lmao.
Tge character models suck...bad.

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Marcello1709d ago

Lol Ubisoft is a joke. They remaster like, copy-wipe on ass-paste.

ChrisW1709d ago

Kind of reminds me of that "Behold the Man" fresco that got botched and ended up looking like a monkey.

solid_snake36561709d ago

Wow that's pathetic, even their remasters get down graded lol.

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DillyDilly1709d ago

Might as well have just released the original via Backwards Compatibility if they were this lazy

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Gamist2dot01709d ago

Tweet our concerns and speak with our wallets.

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Artemidorus1709d ago

They are specialists at downgrading