Itagaki: PS4 Pro Is Just Rhetoric, They're Doing It Because Current Gen Isn't Powerful Enough for VR

Tomonobu Itagaki said that Microsoft and Sony are making Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro mostly because current gen can't handle VR.

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Chris_Wray1844d ago

Not exactly unknown. There was no doubt that the normal consoles couldn't really handle VR to any real standard. These new consoles had to be made, that upgrade was essential.

Imp0ssibl31844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Right. I pity those who are trying to use the old PS4 with PSVR...It's a waste, the experience is truly mediocre.

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slate911844d ago

played vr on my friends standard ps4. EVE was really awesome not sure what youre talking about.

ninsigma1844d ago

Why are you lying?? There's nothing mediocre about it.

GtR35olution1844d ago

Vr on the standard ps4 is actually amazing. You sound silly to speak on something where it seems like you dont know about or ever experienced

Fatal-Aim1844d ago

Itagaki is an idiot. That only applies to the Xbox One since it can't run VR at all. The PS4 runs VR just fine.

UCForce1844d ago

@slate91 You need to try out RIGS Combat League. It's super fun.

Ra3v3r1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Nonsense! Having played my VR for a few hours today (don't the need to wait til xmas anymore woohoo!!) it's absolutely capable of delivering a quality experience. I've still to try a few of the demos, but even the simple things like the platformer in Playroom VR are really well done. EVE is lovely despite the jaggies, Battlezone is an excellent blast from the past and I was really impressed with the COD experience. I've still to pick up some move controllers so I can properly try some of the shooters as the controller is a poor substitute but so far there's been an excellent variety of things to try.



Several VR titles have been tested and so far they've shown no tangible benefits. With the resolution being split between the lenses there's little they can improve visually.

JackBNimble1844d ago

Ya right buddy... I think anyone saying ps4 can't handle psvr has never tried it. I own a psvr and an original ps4. There has never been a time where I thought to myself that I better get Pro because my psvr doesn't preform well.... Never.

I can tell you right now that I am very impressed with how well my psvr preforms on my ps4.

If you going to spread false information, you might want to try psvr on the ps4 before you embarrass Yourself anymore.

1844d ago
NarooN1844d ago


Spoken like a person that has never actually experienced PSVR on the Stock PS4.

Kingcorey131844d ago

haaaaa well every single person who played batman on my psvr left my house with their jaw on the floor. Get outta here with that bs. It's the most fun I've had with games in a long time. Watching peoples reaction is the only validation I need. :

Neonridr1844d ago

@Ra3v3r - the Pro can do for PSVR what it can do for 1080p TVs. It can render an image higher than the screen resolution of the VR headset and then downsample. It results in a sharper image with less jaggies. Once devs start patching in Pro support for more titles I think you will start to see a big difference.

Yes the PS4 can run the PSVR. But for how long and how well remains to be seen. Games are going to want to get more advanced and more complex, but the base PS4 is going to hold devs back from really pushing VR into new territory.

mikeslemonade1844d ago

It confirms my analysis that I've been saying the PS4 is too weak for VR. And I will say the Pro is also too weak for VR.

LordMaim1844d ago

@mikeslemonade: I think you mean "Confirms your bias"

boing11844d ago

Dude... try it first.

cyber_daemonx1844d ago

@mikes, analysis? You mean anal as in talking out yo a$$.

DigitallyAfflicted1844d ago

No need for pity. I'm loving my VR on standard PS4 with my average steering wheel and downsized DriveClub VR.
Pity those who can't enjoy simple things like just a good old fashion FUN :D

TheRealTedCruz1844d ago


Didn't put the work in in life that I did, to make the money I do, to be told I have what I have because of rich parents.

trooper_1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

You feel sorry for people wanting an experience that's not too expensive?

This Pro bashing is getting sad and pathetic at this point.

Kidmyst1844d ago

I pity those who dumped another $400.00 to play the same game on 1080P just for a slight visual upgrade when they had a PS4 that was just fine.

d4v03331844d ago

i guess you have not tried psvr on standard ps4...because its freakin awesome and nothing wrong with it

frostypants1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Mediocre? Your opinion against that of those who've actually used it...

stuna11843d ago

Maybe you have mediocre eyesight, so that it turn makes it seem mediocre!?

No one ever said VR was going to be perfect, But the attempt by today's standards has been admirable.

IamTylerDurden11843d ago

Are u joking? PSVR runs great on PS4.

Artemidorus1843d ago

Why because the fake 4K machine makes the OG worthless?

The millennial logic

Spenok1843d ago

While I've gotten a Pro since it came out. I had the PSVR for a few weeks with the standard, there's nothing mediocre about it. Yes the Pro absolutely enhances the experience, but it's not that drastic of a jump where it's night and day. The edges are smoother, the frame rates are higher.... but that's about it.

It's noticeable, but not game changing.

Mr Marvel1843d ago

VR is mediocre... at best.

mikeslemonade1843d ago

I have the pro which is equivalent to the gtx 970. The answer is no it's not strong enough handle vr. Just as the Xbox one is too weak for 1080p. Sure it can do VR when you degrade all the other parts of the game. If that's how you wanna play games that's fine. But I have higher standards for my games than you fair-'minded people here.

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Hoffmann1844d ago

Since I played a couple of games on Playstation vr with my standard ps4 I know that you never tested it actually.

The games are running fine there.

darthv721844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I've tested it and while "fine" might be what you like I know others who are wanting "great" and the current PS4 is doing just the bare minimum. Pro is what will allow for PSVR to really work to its extent.

I like the PSVR experience on the PS4. I have not played it on a Pro however but i imagine it will make improvements where needed.

UCForce1844d ago

@darthv92 Dude, you are ruining people fun with PSVR. This is not cool from you comment like that.

darthv721844d ago

@UC, I'm not ruining anyone's fun. Just stating the obvious. PSVR on the PS4 is a fine experience. Pro is looking to offer better than fine and those who go Pro will benefit. If your fun is ruined because you have a regular PS4 then get a Pro. I am.

morganfell1844d ago

Save your breath UCForce,

Darth has stated he didn't own an current gen console but he is constantly attacking Sony. His reasoning is relatively clear and it doesn't include objectivity. It is called trolling.

ludicrous1844d ago

Yeah i tried the PSVR on PS4 and it does ran fine. I don't know what Itagaki is talking about. I don't have to upgrade to Ps4 pro since PSVR ran quite well on ps4 so that is a plus.

Sparta071844d ago

@Darth and moldy, you don't have a PS4 or the pro why are you commenting on something you don't have or tried? Original PS4 WORKS perfectly with vr. Unlike Xboxone that's not powerful enough. I had psvr before I got the PRO and I had no problem with it.

1844d ago
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Mystogan1844d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I think the PS4 is going to hold PSVR titles back. Since they need to work on Both PS4 Pro and PS4, I'm not talking about extra pixels, I'm saying they can't make the games as big as the PS4 Pro allows them to.

Scorpio however, it's VR titles will only be on Scorpio and probably PC. They can use its power to its full potential. Scorpio is set to have the best VR experience out of the two. With its Oculus or Vive support, and maybe they'll even have the $300 headsets that they showed support it.


I am living in the now. And now the PS4 PRO vr experience is being held back by the PS4. There are no real games. They all look like tech demos and mini games.

FunAndGun1844d ago

But, but, but....the PS5 is going to use VR and power to its full potential....

live in the now man.

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PurpHerbison1844d ago

I'll wait for the PS5 Pro

subtenko1844d ago

yet i have a normal ps4 and many vr games. but oooook if u say so.

meanwhile ps4 pro will not have any "ps4 pro only games"


I remember when he asured us the devils third was great...

trooper_1844d ago

And we all know how that turned out.

Corpser1844d ago

People know this but Sony PR can't just say that lol they can't say PS4 standard is not powerful, I feel for developers that have to downgrade their game to work on that

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Nyxus1844d ago

But the standard PS4 runs VR as well...

Alexious1844d ago

It does, but not "well". PSVR on standard PS4 is far inferior to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, while it's way closer with the PS4 Pro.

1844d ago
Sparta071844d ago

@alex, why won't you try it?
Oh you don't have ether, please give it a rest. Vr works perfectly fine with the original PS4.

showtimefolks1844d ago


don't ypu need a ps4 and VR to give a valid opinion? you have neither so why comment?

ps4 can handle VR well and that is a fact, you don't need to upgrade to pro just for VR

RedDevils1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Oh of course it doesn't run well, when your invisible VR is not working.

yeahright21844d ago

funny how this type of opinion largely comes from people who don't own it.

Rhythmattic1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

"far Inferior" ?
The way i see it.... (pun intended)
think about this...
Firstly the resolution debacle..
Vive & OR Deliver 1080 x 1200 per eye... PSVR 960 x 1080.. Lets say 10 % higher res...
But people don't take into account thats the extra 10% POV (OC/VIVE 110deg vs PSVR 100Deg) ...
Technically , it means the pixel count (@100 deg) is pretty much the same...
Also take into account the PSVR uses A Subpixel ("120HZ") Oled, Unlike The Pentile diplays like the OR (Oled 90hz) and Vive (LCD 90hz) and its way less a screen door effect... And the Vive Frenzel Lenses aren't exactly something to be desired, making high contrast (e.g. like White on Black) look blurry...
And a bonus fact is its the most comfortable.... Look at all the new announced VR headsets..... Pretty based on Sony s Design...
As for PSVR vs PC VR, of course brut force will beat PSVR (but optically thats up for debate) ... But not every one has a top end PC with more users running the lower or at a base recommendation..
The point is PS and PSVR is the sum of its parts... Console optimisation, with some of the best optics in the business...
Far inferior? Na.
Is this just the beginning ? Yes

OB1Biker1844d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

It's obvious the real motive for project Scorpio to have more power is VR but it's has been proven for a long time now that base PS4 runs PSVR fine because it's a playstation made device specially for it.
This sounds like a negationism campaign that's been going on for a while trying to push false believes

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KaiPow1844d ago

VR's still in its infancy, and you know what? The Pro makes the experience more enjoyable. Sure, I'd love a headset that's got a crisper IQ and higher DPI but I'm happy I got onboard this early in the technology.

ccgr1844d ago

The couple VR games I have played have ran fine on my original PS4

UltraDSA1844d ago

True, plain PS4 works great with PSVR but I won't hesitate to mention that the Pro makes a Huge difference. You don't need a Pro to have a great time with PSVR but the Pro takes the experience up a few levels.

inbetweener1844d ago

Remember when this guy's opinions were relevant?

Anungunrama1844d ago

I member...member chewbacca?

SquidBuck1844d ago

Member no Isis?...I member.

IRetrouk1844d ago

Yeah! I member.....member power rangers

SpinalRemains1381844d ago

Oooh I Member!

Member Alderaan?

Alexious1844d ago

Looks like Team Ninja doesn't need him anymore, either. With Nioh they're set to go back to their former splendor.

thorstein1844d ago

Anyone that can't write a headline "PS4 Pro Is Just Rhetoric..." ought to have his computer revoked and disallowed from ever posting anywhere ever again.

game4funz1843d ago

Okay. Um no.
Let people write stupid headlines if they want to.
Go dictator somewhere else.

Rangerman12081844d ago

Also, isn't anyone going to comment that the guy who responded this is the one that made Devil's Third? Sure, he made the first to Ninja Gaiden games but he also made, like I said, Devil's Third. I even find it funny that the director is considering on making a sequel, despite that the game only sold, like, 3,000 copies in its first week. I mean, even PS Vita games sells more than that.

Kurdishcurse1844d ago

remember when different opinions werent answered with insecure ego inflation?

frostypants1844d ago

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

gangsta_red1843d ago

The Fifth of November. Remember, remember!

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