GameTrailers Hardware Of The Year Award

You will have to look at the video for yourself to see which gaming platform has won this award!

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TheMART5239d ago

There we go

Not the Wii
Not the PS2
Not the PS3

Not anything else.

The 360 is choosen being best hardware of 2006! That's why it has the best versions of multiformat games and has the best exclusives. Plus don't miss out on Gears of War! Buy it, I've owned a lot of systems since MSX, Amiga, first consoles but this one just has the total package, the online features are unmeasured by any other network!

Gametrailers says it to you: get this dream in gaming!

candystop5239d ago

They can say it's a matter of opinion all they want but 360 is the best console ever created if you ask me! It's just does more than the other consoles and pushes out better visuals and online functons! The Wii hype will die soon and PS3 will get better overtime but never surpass the quality games that 360 will offer! People that think 360 is another Dreamcast better think again because this time around 360 has the momentum to be #1 in the console race! I like how they say 2006 was the year for 360 because it's going to be the same thing in 2007 just even more AAA games for it! Heck even 2008 is going to belong to 360 as far as games go and thats pretty impressive to me! I just want MS to earn more marketshare this time around and don't really care if they win or lose in overall consoles sold! One thing everybody here knows and cant deny is that 360 is a pure gaming machine and it sells games unlike the competitors and will continue to do so!

PS3n3605238d ago

No matter what happens The 360 gave many of us a year of next gen gaming. By next year I have no dbt PS3 will have great games. Even if that happens and it turns out to be a 360 killer (doubt it) We will have had two great years of killer games. Some of us will buy PS3 some will not but at the end of the day people who jumped in got at least a year more of next gen gaming that sony fanboys missed and will never get back. I never doubted MS but they are exceeding many peoples expectations. Hapy gaming everyone.