EA are committed to Titanfall, "whatever the f*** that means" says Respawn head

Quote: Zampella is then asked how he felt about Titanfall 2 releasing a week after EA's WW1 shooter, Battlefield 1. "If the question was, 'Would I rather have this window to myself?' Well, of course," he says. "I'm not foolish. I'm not foolish that way, anyway. In other ways, probably."

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Paytaa2742d ago

Respawn deserves so much better. After most of them changed the game back in 2007 with CoD 4, you'd think they'd be treated with a bit more respect and care.

You cannot pit a 2 year old IP versus two of the biggest in gaming with CoD and BF. A Q1 release would have faired much better for Titanfall 2.

Hopefully they part ways with EA and find a publisher who does them right.

Soc52742d ago

Shouldn't sign deals with the devil no matter how tempting, it always comes back to bite you in the zampanella

windblowsagain2742d ago

I don't think it's because of the age of the I.P.

Titanfall is never going to become a juggernaut.

It'll sell a couple of mill no doubt.

Automatic792742d ago

An August or September release would have been better for Titanfall 2. Look at how Destiny did for example.

kevnb2742d ago

I would go so far as saying they changed the game starting with MOHAA.

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DA_SHREDDER2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I don't agree, I've played all three games and titanfall is a better game, I don't know why the hell people only play Battlefield and cod?

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Relientk772743d ago

If you were committed to Titanfall then you wouldn't have chosen the suicidal release window that you did between Battlefield and Call of Duty. Way to go EA

spicelicka2742d ago

EA's financial year end is March 31st, it would make sense if it was Dec 31st in which case they would need big sales before that. But March 31st? They could've waited till Feb. Perhaps Mass effect Andromeda releasing in March is going to be taking most of the budget.

BlackWolf122742d ago

End of fin year is end of June.

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frostypants2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

@BlackWolf12, close. EA's fiscal year ends on March 31st. Q1 of 2017 for them was April-June of this year.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

But EA didn't create Titanfall , I'm sorry but you have to worry about a game that is holding its entire success based on when other games release.

It essentially means they're trying to bank their success based on runoff from Call of Duty or leftovers from other games that alone tells me they don't have strong confidence that they could sell the game based on its own Merit.

They're basically trying to hold the entire success of their game on impulse buys.....

That just doesn't sound like a sound plan and it sounds like it's an excuse for underperforming , I just never saw this game coming close to Call of Duty numbers or anything like that.

There have been plenty of shooters that released before or after a Call of Duty that I've never received sales even remotely near Call of Duty to have such an excuse even make sense.

Look at the sales from Doom, Doom has guns in it , it released in a time frame with no Call of Duty how come that doesn't have Call of Duty sales?

BrettAwesome2742d ago

Doom did very well sales wise! Have you played Titanfall 2? It really is a great game. It does deserve better.

Paytaa2742d ago

I think the problem is that Titanfall is a relatively new IP and it's being sandwiched by two of the biggest in gaming that have been around for 13+ years.

The thing with your Doom argument is that Doom is a part of a franchise that is known for puting FPS games on the market and into the mainstream. It has seen success critically and commercially for years therefore it already has a pre-set fanbase.

Games like Battlefield, Halo, Doom, and or other well known shooters have been in the game for a while and at the same time getting great success in terms of sales. Titanfall did pretty well on Xbox One the first outing but it released when not many games were out for 8th gen and in March of 2014 where the market is pretty dry of blockbusters.

If your average Joe can only buy one FPS this season he has to choose between Infinite Warfare, BF1, and Titanfall 2. Two are well established and you know what you're getting for the most part and the other is a fairly new experience that doesn't have nearly the same amount of exposure.

Titanfall 2 should have been given a Q1 2017 release window to have room to breathe and come out when not many new AAA games hit the market giving it the chance of success it deserves.

It'll probably do well in the long run hopefully, but screw EA for the stupid launch date when they knew the two biggest games this year were releasing within a week of Titanfall 2.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

So my statement is very simple if it's a good game exactly why that relying on the sales of another game based on a single month? It should be good enough to continue to sell long after release.

I understand that there's definitely a difference in sales...

It shouldn't be determining the success or failure of the game because it means that game wasn't even good enough to carry its own long-term.

Call of Duty and Battlefield 4 were once new intellectual properties as well, Call of Duty releasing around Medal of Honor was not determining its success or failure. Call of Duty being better determine its success.

I'm sorry but even for argument sake if we say that they would do better if they released away from Call of Duty something is disturbing that the team is even relying on its entire 6s on impulse buys from Call of Duty fans in the first place.

If Call of Duty fans in one month could determine your game success or failure maybe your game wasn't good enough in their first place and maybe it's too similar to Call of Duty 2 actually successfully compete. I'm sorry but I just don't believe it desperately trying to mooch off of game sales of other games even ironically from the team that originally created Call of Duty.

Destiny was a new intellectual property and it went on to do really great numbers the division was a new intellectual property as well so was OverWatch.

Don't be worried about Titanfall 2 releasing next Call of Duty be worried that the team is even relying on its entire success based on runoff sales in the first place.

I personally do not think that there is just one installed base of shooters that will purchase anything with a gun..

If that was the case every game that released that was even similar to Call of Duty would be matching its sales every month a Call of Duty didn't release...

I think this team needs to go back to the drawing board and spend more time on a more substantial single-player, I also think they need to work on setting themselves apart.

Nothing could stop me from purchasing Red Dead Redemption 2 when it releases... I don't care if three of my other favorite intellectual properties were releasing that same month I would simply buy all 4.

And if I couldn't buy all 4 I would simply by Red Dead and then buy the remaining in the next several months my point is if the game was good enough it's going to receive the remainder of its sales in the next coming months there's nothing that's stopping anyone from purchasing this game after release.

Am I missing something here? Did titanfall to stop being on sale after Call of Duty released? Because if the game is truly good Call of Duty fans should have no problem entertaining purchasing it after the next several months simply because Titanfall 2 still exist as a game.

That being said if I want Red Dead Redemption 2 next year nothing is stopping me from purchasing it even if one of my favorite intellectual properties release that exact same month it doesn't mean I'm never going to own Red Dead Redemption 2 for life as if this month I could only purchase that one game for life and anytime after that I'm banned from purchasing it lol

Some of the best games ever sold we're not sold simply based on a few months based on the release of another game ..

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

@brett- weather I played Titanfall 2 or not is actually irrelevant. I still plan to purchase it but I don't understand the relevance of your question in regards to my original post...

Please stop asking irrelevant questions , my post it's simply about the sales of the game it has nothing to do with personally how I feel about it.

Gazondaily2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )


"So my statement is very simple if it's a good game exactly why that relying on the sales of another game based on a single month? It should be good enough to continue to sell long after release. "

It is a good game. The reviews and consumer reception confirm that. What exactly is the point you're trying to make?

You've previously just called this Cod with mechs. You obviously don't have a clue aboutique this game or its obvious quality.

"I think this team needs to go back to the drawing board and spend more time on a more substantial single-player, I also think they need to work on setting themselves apart. "

Go back to the drawing board? Cod shamelessly rips off the mechanics from this game and then incorporates them in an inferior fashion into their games that are critically worse rated?

"@brett- weather I played Titanfall 2 or not is actually irrelevant."

You're here talking about the devs going back to the drawing board and referring their design in the game as reasons for its failure and now you're saying you having not played it and therefore not being aware of any it's strengths and weaknesses is not relevant??

Are you honestly ever correct about anything? This is almost as weak as the poor arguments you out in favour of DLC content

BlackWolf122742d ago

It doesn't matter who develops a game if that developer has signed an agreement with a publisher. EA would have controlled the release window.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

@sep- "It is a good game."

I said good enough.

Where did you hear me say it was a bad game? Can you guys at least for a little bit recognize that what I'm saying has nothing to do with the game personally it has everything to do with the actual sales of the game, I'm not commenting on my personal opinion of the game, I'm not saying the game is a bad game, I'm saying the game is not good enough to Warrant those type of sales.

Based on your response I'm not even sure you understand my point is simply based on the sales I still plan to purchase the game.

That's nice that the game got great reviews and great scores what's your point? Where on Earth did you ever hear me dispute that? In fact when did you ever hear me even bring that up?

Did you miss the entire point where I said I'm still purchasing the game? I purchased Gravity Rush remastered as well that game didn't outsell call of.duty do I suddenly hate that game too?

Help me understand your relevance to personally liking the game to the actual sales of the game because I've made my comments extremely clear that they have nothing to do with personally how the game is received.

Yes the game was received well I've made note of that several times clearly it was not received well enough to outsell Call of Duty.

I'm not even sure if I could say that game did well enough to even warrant selling half of Call of Duty sales that's not me saying it's a bad game, I still plan to purchase it it's simply saying the reality of the situation.

"You're here talking about the devs going back to the drawing board and referring their design in the game as reasons for its failure"

When did I say it failed? My comments regarding them going back to the drawing board on the single player simply has to do with making the game more separate from Call of Duty if they're still relying on the sales of Call of Duty's install base to carry them in the first place.

If anything I would say they need to expand on the idea that they've already started with and make it something more substantial because they only had about two years to work on that single player and I think they could do a better job longer and something more substantial.

I'm sorry but like always I think you're exaggerating my comments regarding the game I don't really know how many times I need to tell you guys that I still plan to purchase the game.

The fact of the matter is is that didn't sell Call of Duty, your whining is not going to make it out sell Call of Duty the fact that it was even relying on runoff sales tells me it was never going to be that successful in comparison to Call of Duty.

Not that it's not a good game simply in comparison to Call of Duty its sales are not going to match it...

That excuse doesn't work on me I purchase Battlefield 1 and I'm still purchasing Titanfall 2....

Soooooo no. The entire games success could not have been hinged on releasing around Call of Duty to get Leach sales that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard because games continue to sell long after their release date.

Is Titanfall 2 is not meeting their expectations I'm sorry but Call of Duty is not to blame. For some sales sure I understand to a degree but not the entire success of the game

Also how you feel about me is irrelevant. I'm not entirely sure why you can't keep your feelings under control. Lol stay on topic bud.

andrewsquall2742d ago

Reminds me of this hilarious Mega64 video where they take the piss out of everybody who was terrified of going up against Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 and delayed all their games like idiots.


Borderlands sold 3 million units in the same year because they had balls to release it. People actually wanting the game obviously helped too.

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Name Last Name2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )


You say that people can just buy the game in the future if they don't have money now and I agree with that but you can't expect every person to keep the same level of interest forever. For many reasons (consumerism) some people just enjoy games when they're brand new and if they don't have the money when they release then they never get them. Its also bad for developers if people buy later because prices go down and they earn less profit, possibly afecting future releases.

_-EDMIX-_2742d ago

@Name Last Name - lol love the name.

Something is definitely wrong if consumers feel that their interest can't be held to a game like this past its release date I think that speaks volumes to the actual game itself.

Call of Duty doesn't just move 20 million units and one month it actually continues to sell a couple months after its release, I stand by my statement that Titanfall 2 should not have to be catering and hinging their entire sales on runoff from Call of Duty because it means that they don't even feel their game has enough interest to carry itself long term.

So you're correct there are some people that want to purchase it brand new around the time of the excitement and the hype but are those really the fans that they should be trying to seek in the first place? Impulse buyers?

Like I stated above multiple times if for whatever reason I couldn't purchase Red Dead Redemption 2 upon release that doesn't mean I won't own it forever it simply means I couldn't purchase it upon release , if somebody really wants a game badly no amount of time after its release is going to stop them and I just don't see that as a viable excuse.

Well I wasn't expecting Titanfall 2 to be anything like BioShock over this generation the reality is if a game indeed released that was worthy of such a title it would continue to sell long after its release as most titles continue to do if they are successful in the first place.

Like I said multiple times I understand that they lost some sales releasing against Call of Duty but I actually do not believe that should be determining their entire success or failure because it simply means they were already releasing this game on a house of cards to be determining their entire success on runoff sales of COD.

If Call of Duty could stop your game from being successful in the long run you might want to question the quality of your game. Multiple first person shooters this generation have shown they could be successful regardless of when they release.

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Spike20XX2742d ago

not entirely EA's fault as gamers still buy the crap that is COD over the brilliant game that's made by the guys that made COD relevant.

andrewsquall2742d ago

The game will be still on the shelves in Q1 next year. Why would it sell more had it NOT been released before then. If people don't care about Titanfall 2, then they don't care.

I'm glad Gearbox didn't give a crap what anybody with your attitude said about Borderlands in 2009 when it went up against none other than Modern Warfare 2. It went on to sell 3 millions units before the year was out and was a massive success all because they had faith in their product and this WAS a new IP at the time too.

C-H-E-F2742d ago

Exactly this is the point here. They have Titanfall Mountain Dew cans. I'm not sure if you all saw this, but they have advertisement just as big as BF1 actually I see more Titanfall 2 advertisement than I do see BF1 ads. At the end of the day it's consumer preference. Doesn't matter when it was released especially with it being a futuristic shooter that at a glance looks just like COD IW you'd be quick to call it a clone if you're a consumer without knowledge of who actually made the game. Granted the game is really good, really well made and everything, but for those who aren't up on the latest games and the developers that make what games one will tend to "stick to what they know best." I bought all 3 franchises, because They all had something I wanted. However some people can only afford one, and 9/10 will buy the game that their friend has bought as well. The game will still be out next year and the year after that. They have marketing backing as much as BF1 even if they released in february or march i don't think the story would be much different.This is also the devs fault for the exclusivity deal limiting the games exposure to Xbox only. Now they have this tacky 2 behind the name of the game "Titanfall 2" which will make customers say woah wait there's 2 of them? why didn't I hear of the first one, gets the game looks at it briefly oh it's a COD rip off and puts it back on the shelf. They made this hole for themselves. TBH.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2742d ago

Looks like Respawns and EAs partnership is done. Goodluck to Respawn in finding a better publishing partner.

fenome2742d ago

Publisher of the year!