PS4 Pro Sold 65,194 Units in Japan in Four Days According to Famitsu

Today Famitsu jump-started its weekly sales data by announcing how many PS4 Pro units, according to its own sources, have been sold in Japan betweeen the launch on November 10th and the end of the first week on the shelves on November 13th.

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Nyxus2018d ago

Seems pretty good. I think FFXV may boost the sales some more as well.

bouzebbal2018d ago

oh wow that's one nice peak!!
that's around 100000 PS4s sold in a week! Massive

UltraNova2018d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Thats for sure. FF15 looks great so it will definatly help boost PS4 Pro sales.

Edit @bellow

If you take Conan's Clueless Gamer sataire seriously, then forgive me for saying this but you need to get a clue mate.

bouzebbal2017d ago

Even X1 will pass ps3 when ffxv comes out..

madpuppy2017d ago

OH, lighten up pal! I thought it was pretty funny, especially the part where a group of male characters in the game are reading articles about wedding dresses and decide to go to the dress shop to see it..also, Running around in the desert fully clad in black leather was pretty darn funny as well.

kevnb2018d ago

A big reason I wanted my pro right away was Final Fantasy 15, its going to be great at 60 fps!

lunatic00012018d ago

Wait seriuosly...has it been confirmed to run at 60 fps...if so... awesome...can't wait

BrettAwesome2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Yes it has...or...they've managed to get it up to 40-50 fps so far, but they're still working on it

kevnb2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

There's two options, one targets framerate the other is graphical fidelity. Ill also take 40-50 fps over locked 30 any day, as long as they dont have completely horrid frametimes (Ive played many pc games at 40-50 fps that felt great).

Saigon2018d ago

Wow...very surprised at the impact. Good Job Sony. Now I hope all of those stupid articles against the Pro will stop.

kevnb2018d ago

They will, not only that the websites that were bashing it will act like they never did.

freshslicepizza2018d ago

the last guardian will boost sales for sure as well.

Pathogenic2017d ago

I just finished building my 4K PC build with two GTX 1080's and I heard the FF15 developers are thinking about bringing it to the PC probably in a couple of years. Sounds great. Played all the Final Fantasy games right upto FFXIV both on PS4 & PC.

PS4 Pro looks great that's why I just ordered a 65" Samsung 4K HDR Tizen Series with a Playstation 4 Pro and finished paying off the Final Fantasy 15 Edition. I think I can safely say that all I want for Christmas is just a Turkey Dinner to play my favorite series Final Fantasy.

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italiangamer2018d ago

Final Fantasy XV and Yakuza 6 will make the PS4 sales go into the stratosphere.

IamTylerDurden12018d ago

Gravity Rush 2 and Nier Automata as well.

solideagle2018d ago

I hope Ni No Kuni 2 is really good. first one was really solid RPG. Capturing new monsters was also addictive.

I get DMC3 vibe from Neir so hopefully gameplay is really solid.

IamTylerDurden12018d ago

Damn, u are right. Japan is going be big this winter and in the future with games like VII Remake, Ni No Kuni 2, and of course Shenmue 3.

moegooner882018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Rather surprised that the PS4 slim sold around 30 k. Options are good huh.

Abriael2018d ago

People like a cheap console.


looking at worldwide sales and xbones selling that of half the ps4.... i don't think that statement is correct...

Abriael2018d ago

@Warnut: Xbox One started more costly, and that sucked up its momentum. If anything, that proves the point.

pyroxxx2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@Warnut He said cheap console, not redundant console.

BIGBOSS082018d ago

its not just the price but the demand too. a cheaper xbox one cant outsell the PS4 because the demand is low for xbox one compared to PS4. gamecube was very cheap but could never touch PS2. a combo of good price and demand is deadly.. this is why PS4 has done so well.

Angeljuice2018d ago

And certain people like to pay a higher mark up on a cheaper console because they believe that giving more money for less capability makes their console worth more.

To you, weaker console + Higher price = sense of superiority

To me, weaker console + higher price = idiotic purchase and spread butt cheeks

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hongthay2017d ago

there is a special Final Fantasy edition PS4 slim coming up soon. Those numbers will probably be even higher then.

plmkoh2018d ago

It is mostly sold out, so the first week sales will be skewered.

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kevnb2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

thats more than the xbox one sells in a year over there

TorpeAlex2018d ago

It's easy to jump over a bar that's sitting on the ground.


not if you are drunk and spin fast looking at the ground, to then look up and try jump over it

InTheZoneAC2018d ago

if it was easy then why is that bar still on the ground?

XanderZane2017d ago

Not if your legs are broken.

Raiden2018d ago

Hey, JAPANESE public don't buy American stuff, especially technical items, but they will happily sell there, but then again we have no choice but to buy JAPANESE products, no western Company are making TV's are they, maybe IPHONE, but that's it, they are very loyalty to there businesses.

Errorist762018d ago

American stuff made in China.

XanderZane2017d ago

There are a few like Sharp, Magnavox (Phillips) & Vizio. Most of the American TV companies moved to Japan because it was just cheaper to make televisions in that country. America still makes a lot of chips, processors and components.

2017d ago