Resistance: Remembering The Blockbuster Video Game Set In Grimsby

This 2006 Call Of Duty rival set a good portion of its action in a run-down warehouse in a British seaside town. But why?

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GtR35olution792d ago

Amazing game. I wish the resistance trilogy was remastered for ps4 and sony develops a resistance 4 game

shodan74792d ago

It's a shame the franchise seems to have dropped off the mainstream radar. The first was a fantastic launch title last gen.

PhoenixUp792d ago

This was the best game at PS3's launch. I loved the game and the entire trilogy that it spawned,

One thing to note is that I hate Nathan Hale as a main character. Nathan Hale stands in stark contrast to Nathan Drake as a protagonist.

ginsunuva790d ago

One thing to note is that I hate Nathan Drake as a main character. Nathan Drake stands in stark contrast to Sackboy as a protagonist.

Movefasta1993792d ago

I love this game so much,great level design,great weapons,intense hard difficulty mode with no regenerative health system...great game.They need to remaster this trilogy asap, and i haven't played 3 yet and i no longer have a ps3 soo i hope so.But after halo 3 and reach ,resistance 1 2 are my fav fps ever.Insominiac are my all time fav devs for a reason.

Scottyabanks791d ago

I'm a huge fan of the series, but for me, Resistance ended with Hales' death. I would love a 1 and 2 remaster with multi-player from 2. Resistance 3 is optional.

TKCMuzzer791d ago

Resistance was great, it had a great atmosphere and the way the single player was told was very good. I go back every now and then and it still holds up. This is one remaster that does need doing.

VsAssassin791d ago

Resistance 1 was refreshing for its time. The main story was engaging and gripping. The set pieces were also very well done (England was my personal favorite). I pray Sony asks another 'good' dev to remaster R1, or asks IG to reboot the series. I might receive criticism for this statement, but, for me, Resistance 1 had a far better story than Half-life 2!

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The story is too old to be commented.