The utterly awesome Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is now free on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Neil writes "It may be seen by many as a strange add-on for the stunning Far Cry 3, but Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a completely standalone title that oozes quality. Oh, and it's now free thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme."

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mark_parch701d ago

can't wait to play. I remember playing a little bit on the 360 and being impressed with the 80's vibe

Kallisti701d ago (Edited 700d ago )

If you have to pay for one thing to get the other then it's not really free

Edit: Did it ever cross your minds that some Xbox owners don't play multiplayer games so they just don't pay for Xbox Gold? The game's not free on 360 or One for them

Edit 2: Just pointing out that it's not free for Xbox owners who don't pay for Xbox Live Gold, like the title of this article I clicked on implied

InTheZoneAC701d ago

I don't own an xbox, but I'm tired of these stupid comments.

You're not paying for Gold to get Blood Dragon. You're paying for a service that provides discounts/games. I have PS+ and I've saved probably several hundred or thousands on games ever since it first released. So yes, I can say that any one of those free games I get is actually free because I've more than got my money's worth.

Hoffmann700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

Its easy.

I paid for a service and get FarCry 3 Blood Dragon on Xbox

I paid nothing to Ubisoft but got FarCry 3 Blood Dragon on PC.

See? There is the difference that I paid for it on Xbox but paid nothing on PC.

There was nothing dumb about the comment by Kallisti. One thing was truly free, one thing was not.

@falviousuk ..bad comparisons are bad. Use your brain.

falviousuk700d ago

Except you paid for the electricity to power your computer / console and screen to be able to download those games, so therefore the PC version wasnt free either was it.

Stupid idiots

Fishy Fingers700d ago

It's as free as the PSN+ games. No one seems to bitch about whether they're 'free' or not.

N4G. Making something out of nothing.

TheUndertaker85700d ago

@Fishy Fingers: Somewhat but not entirely.

Any Xbox 360 games you receive via Games with Gold are yours to keep even if your subscription to Live lapses or you don't subscribe again.

PS4, PS3, and PS Vita PlayStation Plus subscribers lose all access with no Plus subscription. You'd have to buy into Plus again to regain access.

So in that aspect 360 games via Games with Gold are free or definitely more in the category of free compared to PS Plus titles for any console.

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TheUndertaker85700d ago

You don't have to pay for Live to keep the 360 titles you receive

spicelicka700d ago

A game is a separate asset made by a separate entity, you're not paying the monthly fee to get games, you're paying for the service to play online multiplayer. There is no agreement that entitles you to monthly games, so the games they give you are "free".

If you torrent a movie on your computer it's still free even though you're paying for the internet. Two separately identifiable things.

Something like netflix on the other hand entitles you to movies/shows, that's the nature of the service. So anything that's added to netflix wouldn't be "free".

mark_parch700d ago

@ Kallisti
ok if you want to look at it like that ( which is stupid ) each game works out to around 80p each in the uk and that's if you pay full price for gold and that's also not factoring in other deals and discounts and the online service. so whichever way you look at it its a good deal. can't we just talk about the fact most people can play blood dragon at no extra cost

SideNote700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

Like buying an Xbox in the 1st place to play something for free. Geesh, wish id known..

xDealtwithIt700d ago

"If you have to pay for one thing to get the other then it's not really free"

This logic is suspect and it really is dumb. Because first off the other thing received was at no additional cost so yes it is free.

If you paid for say basic cable and that company threw in HBO for no extra charge then you got HBO for free right?

Or do you hold your head down and take it as a loss because you still had to pay for a service to recieve that offering?

Your logic makes no sense and it seems to only be reserved for Xbox Live from sony fanboys.

Kallisti700d ago

If the article said it was free for Ps3 & Ps4 I would've said the same thing about PS Plus, Games with Gold and PS Monthly Games are parts of the service you pay for and have been so for years. Don't pretend this is a console war thing

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InTheZoneAC701d ago

Great game btw, if you haven't played it yet I recommend jumping on this asap or turn in your gamercard.

Mulando701d ago

It is also free for the PC via ubisoft club or whatever they call their download client.

spaceb0y700d ago

decent game, remember the hilarious tutorial :)

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