BagoGames - Reus Review - On The 7th Day God was Bored

Jerry from BagoGames writes, "Reus is a very interesting title from Abbey Games, which is a good thing, if you like that kind of thing. Now I will warn you, the reader, that I rarely play sim type games. The last sim type game I ever played was Sim City on the Super Nintendo, so I’m kind of entering […]

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Glemt2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I quote:
"That being said, there is nothing actually wrong with this game, it was just given to the wrong person to review.
This game is not my type of game, but if you’re a gamer who likes Sim City, Civilization, Sim Earth, Roller Coaster Tycoon and the like, you will absolutely adore it. Go buy this game and have a blast making planet after planet, but if you like games that let you take the reigns and jump in, this is definitely not the game for you."

Sorry, but that says it all. If you don't like this genre, and every review is, rightly so, subjective, then maybe leave the reviews of genres you don't like to other people. The writer gives this game a 5.5, which is barely a passing grade, but says that fans of the genre will adore it. That's just silly..
Imagine if you don't like racing games and then start complaining that you can't really do anything in Forza but drive around.