Report: UK Retailer GAME to Price Nintendo Switch from £199.99

Laura writes: "Today’s report, backed up by one previously used source and one new source who I have vetted thoroughly, is that UK specialist gaming retail chain GAME has been informed of the Nintendo Switch’s wholesale price to retailers, and is planning on selling their basic SKU (stock keeping unit) of the system in stores for £199.99.

It is important to note this is not a Nintendo set RRP (recommended retail price), as Nintendo do not set UK RRP prices for consoles. However, it is safe to assume this gives us a solid indication of the price the system will sell at nationwide."

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TheEnigma313727d ago

That's a good price. I wonder what all it includes. Hopefully Zelda is a launch title.

3-4-5727d ago

There is rumored to be two "bundles".

The main one and it's $250 and just the Switch.

The second one would be $300 and include a game, which most likely would be the 3D Mario game.

I'm guessing LoZ isn't released until July.

DillyDilly727d ago

Id imagine thered be a bundle with

The Switch
The controllers on the side
The XBOX Like Controller
A Game

Since the games are cartridges they should not be $60

blawren4727d ago

TheRandomOne. Do you think the games are more or less than $60. Not really sure from your post what you mean.

solideagle727d ago

I think this price is amazing. Letif they have alot of jrpgs like 3ds i might buy it

thatguyhayat727d ago

If this is true im definitely picking it up day one. Always had the one home console so 2 will be nice

vivid83727d ago

i will definitely buy it at that price

Pancit_Canton727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

So they want the Wii success? They are aiming for underpowered console, casuals(mobile players & soccer moms) and elderly with less gimmick this time? The Wii has a special kind of gimmicks that attracts the women and elderly (Wii fit & Wii sports). I don't think It's going to work with the switch this time around.

Christopher727d ago

I think they're aiming for their usual console gamer fan and mobile gamer. I think they're honestly trying to get 3DS gamers into home console gaming. It'll likely be 720p gaming with upscaling while on TVs, but the games will likely still be good, just not technical focused like on other platforms.

EddieNX 727d ago

Hate to keep sayin this but, no they're not aiming underpowered. They've made it as powerful as they possibly could for a tablet.

wonderfulmonkeyman727d ago

The Switch is being marketed towards adults with active social lives.
You have obviously either not watched, or not taken to heart, the Switch release trailer, if you really think they're marketing to casuals.

pcz726d ago

you believe the hype

wonderfulmonkeyman726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

And you downplay when it doesn't suit your anti-Nintendo agenda.
When the Wii was around and popular, and even afterwards when it came up in debates, I'd lay bets that you were one of those people that used its marketing to downplay it, saying it was aimed at casuals, kids, and grandmas and had nothing worthwhile for serious gamers.
I wouldn't be surprised if you did something similar for Wii U as well.

Yet now that the Switch has shown that it's being marketed towards adults with active social lives, instead of casuals, kids, or seniors, you're downplaying it as "believing the hype" when someone points it out...

You know that's bullcrap, you just don't want to admit it.

The launch trailer made it crystal clear that the focus isn't just hype: it's aimed towards adult gamers.
Your opinion being at odds with that fact, is irrelevant.

pcz726d ago

You are incorrect.

if you go back and check my comment history, you will see that during the wii era, i had nothing but praise for nintendo. in fact, i still say its one of their best consoles.

nintendo fell off at the end of the wii's life, during the transitional period between the wii and wiiu. offensively long and drawn out games droughts- they simply abandoned the wii. pandoras tower, xenoblade and skyword sword made that period tolerable, if it had not been for those games i would have never checked for nintendo or supported them again. xenoblade is one of my fav games. top 5.

ever since then i have been critical of nintendo, in my view they handled the wiiu terribly, the games were lacklustre, with only a small handful worth purchasing out of the entire catalogue. 6 tops. unlike the wii which had a good 30 or so must have titles.

i am a nintendo fan, but i will admit the wiiu is a terrible console. its the first nintendo console since the nes i didnt even bother to buy.

the way they have handled the switches launch is also terrible. that advert for the switch was terrible. its just my opinion. and im a fan. the only positive thing i can say about the switch so far is that the rumoured £200 is a great price.

i say you believe the hype because you lap up everything nintendo say as truth. they say its a console and you believe it, when its quite clearly a handheld. you say switch is for adults just because they put adults in their ad, but everyone knows their target audience (kids) is unchanged.

having mario as a launch title and splatoon packed in says it all.

im not hating, simply stating my opinion without the mushroom kingdom tinted glasses on.

EverydayGuy727d ago

We can finally play out handheld games on the big screen

wonderfulmonkeyman727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Skyrim isn't a handheld game.
Nor is Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
This system is for playing home console games anywhere, not for handheld games at home.
I'm beginning to feel like no one paid attention to the lineup and overblew the importance of the system's form instead.

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