Crysis Confirmed for Xbox 360?

This is a Podcast from 1UP talking with the Crysis Developers

"Basically, Far Cry is to Far Cry Instincts as Crysis is to the 360 version of Crysis. It will be based totally on DX9, have a different storyline in the same universe, and will NOT be a port of the PC version."
Around 21-22 min mark

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SPAWN5433d ago

Bad news can Sony get?! All of the NEW games are coming to the XBOX 360! Not washed out sequels like on the POS3!

specialguest5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

Crysis got all of it's hype from the graphics and not the gameplay because:
1. no ones played the full complete version to judge whether this is a fun game.
2. if it's similar to Far Cry since it's the same company, Far Cry was never the fun FPS hit.
so what's all of this excitment and degrading comments about if it's not the same hardcore graphics PC version Crysis? you wanna know why they're not porting the same version as the PC? because the 360(or PS3) can't deliver the same graphical quality and processing needed.

TheXgamerLive5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

As we speak: The Xbox 360 can and does produce better graphics and gameplay than easily 98% of PC's on the market, the other 2% have put 3K into there systems, so use some common sence, yes the Xbox 360 shines far and away better than most any PC to date.

When like set ups become the norm in the PC market as is the Xbox 360's set up, then that will be another story, but that will also be 2010 and the next X will be about a yr. away.

dantesparda5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

What ignorance you spew! Him pull his head out of his a$$? 2010!? Thats why my PC can produce better graphics than a 360 and all the parts are from 2002-2003!? so dont run that sh!t! You dumb fanboy! either you've just read that dumb sh!t or you seen some really badly configured PC's (which most of them are). Stop being so stupid man. The 360 doesnt even trilinear filter, it sure as hell dont anisotropic filter, its not giving you free anti-aliasing (as i can clearly see that by upping the res, it may give it to you at 640x480, but it doesnt on most games at 1280x720), and can barely run 60fps. And the situation is only going to get worst from here. And with their (360 & PS3's) in-order processors, they are also at a disadvantage. And 1MB L2 cache for 3 cores is weak, really weak! And let me not even get into their 128-bit buses. You thinking that it takes $3000 to make a PC better than a 360 is just ludicrous! That is just stupid sh!t the dumb fanboys like you spew on these sites, and is really not true. And that includes even these fanboy editors of half these sites

Marriot VP5433d ago

what part of the stream is this news, like 2/3 or 3/4, or even 70%. Could somebody simplify this so I don't have to listen to all this command and conquer fluff.

power of Green 5433d ago

Oh! Boy!, it's on!; after the weekend, Top story flame wars here we go.

FirstknighT5432d ago

I lost all hope for Crysis once EA bought the rights! They said they were gonna dummy it down some cuz it was way to powerful to run on anything. EA is just a bunch of lazy programmers!

SPAWN5432d ago

You are absolutely right!!! EA doesn`t pay their devs right so we suffer in the end! Poor, poor crysis! Let`s all hope that there is a savior!

Mikey_Gee5432d ago

If you want somthing fukd royally, give it to EA. Then they can release it and the day after charge for extra content to bring the game up to par.

EA < Dog Crap

TheMART5432d ago

Crysis for 360 well didn't we said it all along, 360 is the place were it belongs

dantesparda5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Crysis is supposed to be the game we all originally saw, not the waterdown version we would be getting on the 360. But now after hearing that EA is gonna water it down, then maybe the 360 version can look more like it now. Come on people the 360 is not nearly as powerful as you people think it is. Its not even doing graphical features from about a decade ago. When i 1st heard the 360 specs i was really excited and impressed, i was expecting full 16x anisotrpoic filtering with at least 4xAA at 1280 x720 at 60fps(and i never even thought for one second that trilinear filtering would be an issue). But instead all i got was AA being shut off on most games at 1280x720, no anistropic filtering, at all! and NO TRILINEAR FILTERING (thats just unbelievable to me because even the GC, PS2 & Xbox 1 could easily do it) and 30fps at best (and still drops from that) and a whole lot of screen tearing. I didnt get what i was expecting, And you's wonder why I am not so impressed by the 360

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