Bikini Blonde Playing Wii Sports

So Stuff magazine hired a beautiful blond girl to play Wii sports in a bikini. There is are three videos one of her playing Wii Tennis, one is playing Wii Boxing, and the last is to play Wii Bowling. From the male perspective for eye candy the Wii Tennis video is the best hands down.

There is really no news value to this article, but hey from one gamer who enjoys the Wii and beautiful women, to other gamers with the same likes. This is my gift to you all.

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MicroGamer5433d ago

every single guy should own a Wii.

OutLaw5432d ago

I put a video of Major League Baseball 2k7 in HD so everybody could see how it is coming out and it failed approval? But this video of the blonde playing 2 month old games got approved?

Maybe I should stop giving real news and find links like this and rumors that come off of other forums where people heard something from someone who heard from their friend's brother, sister, mother, ex-con lover that one company is buying out another company. Yeah that is great news for everybody to read.

If anybody wants to see the MLB 2K7 video go to gametrailer, since that's the only way you probably will get to see it.

If the site don't like what I'm saying just let me know and I will not bother posting news or giving my opinion anymore.

Maybe I should allow my 4 year old son to see this fantastic video of the blonde and explain to him, it's not about the game but the way she moves that counts. Just watch how stupid blondes are and maybe one day you could have one of them for yourself.

fablex5432d ago

OutLaw, that MLB trailer was already posted i guess:

OutLaw5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

My bad about the MLB but it still doesn't excuse the site lately for putting rumor mill from forums like the way we talk here in the site and approving video that really has nothing to do with gaming systems only because they have some female moving their hand.

This site makes rules and doesn't even follow them.

They claim at one time you can't put abbreviations like LOL and I obeyed by that. They claim you can't have sexual like contents as a avatar and I respected that as well, but it's okay to show a half naked female in a video? Is there anything there that shows I should pick up a Wii, is she part of the package? If not then why it should be approved.?

It's fine and dandy that guys like watching half-naked beautiful women but hey that's what porno and Playboy is for.

Let me know if that's what this site is turning into so I could find another site that has news just about games.

Marriot VP5432d ago

hey outlaw, your 100% right about the very lame rumors about exclusives and companies buying companies. I can't stand those because they have no factual basis.

and this news story shouldn't have been ever posted. Don't people on this website have any integrity left.

wakkiwakko5432d ago

Who needs integrity when breasteses are involved?

addictedtogames5432d ago

This is pathetic, this is news now. Yea she's hot but what???? When this was it was alot better. now all this bullcrap about the console wars how ps3 is gonna fail or how the 360 is gonna fail. It makes me sick.

Harry5432d ago

Stop b|tching.

What are you? Bumboys?

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The story is too old to be commented.